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RE: My Share on Needlework Monday/ DIY Tote bag

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Hey there @rowee22! Although you have been posting with the NeedleWorkMonday Community for some time now, I like to stick with my tradition to welcome all of our new members. I am so glad you decided to be apart of our community. I am very intrigued by your handy work! First let me say thank you so much for sharing the step by step process of how to make this cute and trendy bag. You are very talented! I love your crochet work too! Crocheting is my favorite needle art but I am currently learning how to sew and knit as well.

We as a community love getting together throughout the week to share our work, patterns, tips and ideas encouraging one another as well as inspiring the Hive blockchain. We ask that you use the #needleworkmonday tag only on Mondays and on all other days the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. This helps us keep with our "Monday" theme which is our main day of sharing ;)

If you haven't had the time yet to read more about what we do, you can do so by reading our FAQs. Please reach out if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing more of your sewing and crochet work once I fully return later this Fall.

Thank you,