Creative design of a crop top at the under bust length

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Hello hiveians

Welcome to a beautiful morning and a great day.

This lovely morning, I will like to share with you how I made a simple crop top from a little left over fabric.


I took my time to check my bag, where I usually kept my left over fabric after sewing and i found out that I have a lot of fabrics that were left over from the fabric I made either for myself and family members.

This is one of the left over fabric I found from the I used to make a ready to wear dress for my sister and I decided to make creative use of it by making a crop top for myself.

The fabric was barely enough to sew a top so I made it a kimono top to my under bust length and added I black fabric to the sleeves to make it longer and beautiful.

This is the pictorial view of the making process.






This is what I finally got


It will be worn on a black camisole and a black jeans trouser.

Thanks for taking out time to view my post.


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