Crochet Scarf With Pockets [Supposedly Fast and Easy]

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Finding That Winter Project

I started looking out for a potential winter project as early as October last year. I wanted to get a bit more ambitious and make a crocheted cardigan for the cold weather we were so looking forward to. Eventually, I found this pattern tutorial and thought to proceed with it since it was actually pretty easy. I mean rows after rows of HDC's, what could be easier, right?

The next thing I knew, I was already at the yarn shop, purchasing this old rose chunky yarn.

The Cardigan Project. First Few Rows.

I was too excited to start with the project that I was able to complete the back panel in just a few days, dedicating only a couple of hours to it.

I was on a roll, or so I thought.

After completing the back panel, I started with the front panel. Suddenly, I got roadblocks after roadblocks that I eventually had to stop working.

  1. It was smaller than my size.

*The sizing guide follows size XS(S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL). E.g. “Ch 57(63, 69, 75, 81, 87, 93) means Ch 57 for XS, Ch 63 for Small, Ch 69 for Medium, Ch 75 for Large, Ch 81 for XL, Ch 87 for 2XL and Ch 93 for 3XL.

I thought I followed the sizing, but maybe not. I chained 69 for medium, but yeah I guess I'm not a medium? Awts, that hurts. LOL.

What could have I done?

I tried to compensate for the smaller back panel by adding more stitches to the front panel so hopefully, it would be okay when I start to stitch them together.

2. The yarn had gone out of stock.

Despite the first roadblock, I still felt I could see the project through. However, another mistake that I did was not to get a good understanding of how much yarn I would need to complete the project. After finishing 4 skeins, I went back to the yarn shop three times but did not find the same color on all occasions.

After the third trip to the yarn shop and to another, I decided it was time to think of plan B.

Winter is fast approaching and this yarn should not go to waste.

I've got to do something.

Plan B. Crochet Scarf with Pockets.

Here comes plan B. Again, it's youtube to the rescue. I found this very helpful tutorial on how to make an easy, elegant-looking scarf.

This time, I was sure that my yarn would be enough. That meant frogging whatever I had earlier completed so that I can make it into something usable.

Like the cardigan, the scarf only used HDC's. To make the ridges, you only have to crochet into the back loops.


What I liked about the tutorial was that she gave a preview of how the finished product would look like if done in two ways.

The first was to make the foundation chain into the preferred width then make rows for as long as you want the scarf to be. This pattern would make horizontal ridges. One problem I saw in this pattern was that I would have the tendency to make uneven sides throughout the length of the scarf, so on to the next pattern option.

The second pattern was to make the foundation chain into the preferred scarf length. This looked more elegant to me as it would create vertical ridges, plus I didn't have to the sides of the length of the scarf would be straight, and that was a safe choice for me too.


Final Accents: Pockets and Tassels

For the pockets, I made a foundation chain of 20 and made 20 rows of HDC's then topped each loop with single crochets. Did you notice how the yarns on the tassels are beautifully curly? Well, I've got to be thankful to the frogging work for that. Haha.

It was really supposed to be quick and easy.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I finished the project. At least there's still time for me to use it since the weather still tends to get chilly in the mornings. I love how my hands comfortably fit in the pockets and get some warmth in there. My phone, cardholder, and car key also just fit fine!

The yarns went through a lot, but at least I'm seeing it to good use. This was also another learning opportunity for me. The most important was to read and understand the pattern carefully so that I can be ready with the materials and set realistic expectations like project duration.

Of course, this will not be my last crochet project. I see myself getting more daring and ambitious each time. Let's see where that leads me.

I will definitely share my progress and experiences in this wonderful community. All comments and suggestions are welcome!




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Me encanta tu proyecto, es muy útil y ademas me encanta el color, muchas gracias por la explicación tan detallada del trabajo.

Thank you so much!☺️ I loved the color too that's why I decided I really have to make it into something I can use.

Wow looks like we are on the same frequency! I am currently making a scarf with pockets as well and should be ready to share it next week (or so lol).

I am just glad your plan B worked out and you are still happy with your work. Your stitches are pretty and yes I noticed that curly yarn! 😍

Thanks for sharing your work with us even the frustrating part. It only makes us more prepared for the next project! 😉

Oh yeah? Just shows that awesome minds think alike. Haha! Looking forward to see yours!

I still have a stretch of extra yarn here so I'm thinking of adding at least one more row on each side to make it a bit wider. 🤔

Haha that's right! Our minds are awesome! 😄

That’s a good idea! Mine is really wide like oversized. I questioned whether I made it too wide but as I’m finishing it I can see that I like it.

What a wonderful idea 💡

Thank you! I love it! ❤️