My Shots of Gumamela

in Amazing Nature9 months ago

Howdy hivers! It's been a while since i last posted.. been busy offline.. hope you are all having a lovely time!



Today i wanted to share my different shots of the hibiscus flower , known here as 'gumamela' . I know this flower eversince i was a kid.. and it also comes in different colors. This one i got for you is the red hibiscus..



I've read that this red variety of hibiscus has its medicinal purposes.. Some use it as tea and as dietary supplements. . Because of the tart taste.. the tea is also called sour tea made from dried hibiscus flowers, leaves, and the cup-shaped centers of the flower.



Together with my childhood friends back then.. we use to collect the leaves of the hibiscus and we'll crashed and smashed it then mixed it with water so we can make bubbles out of it.. those unforgettable moments ..


Nature has always been amazing for me.. one of good effects of the pandemic is that people get back to loving plants and nature.. but i hope it will be the same the time when the virus is gone..

'Til next time...

-zephalexia 💞