Amazing Nature- Insect Mating Pair Series- Part Two: Margined Leatherwing Beetles

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Hi everyone! This is Part Two of my Insect Mating Pair Series. Part One can be found here if interested. I will post a new insect each Monday, saving the best for last.


Many beetles are destructive and are unwanted, but beleive me when I say that you want these 'do-gooders' in your garden. Margined Leatherwing Beetles (Chauliognathus marginatus) look similar to fireflies but they do not have the organ on their abdomen that produces light. They are approximately one inch long and their flexible forewings have the look and feel of leather, hence their name.

You can find these beetles throughout USA and most of the eastern USA. They are native and the adults like the ones pictured here, can be found in the spring. Margined leatherwings feed on pollen and sip nectar from a variety of flowers making them great pollinators. The flowers they tend to like the most are linden, hydrangea, New Jersey Tree and tree of heaven. It is typical for them to mate on flowers.

After mating, the female lays her eggs in the soil near a plant and ten days later the eggs hatch. The newly hatched larvae are white and darken in color with each molt, until they become black and velvety looking with small legs. They look somewhat like a small caterpillar. They have a healthy appetite for many pest insects, especially aphids.

I am always happy to see these margined leatherwings every spring because they help gardens to thrive. How can you not like a beetle that is a great pollinator, does not damage your flowers or other plants, and their larvae with voracious appetites get rid of the damaging pests in your garden? Bring them on...the more the better!

This is my entry for the Amazing Nature Contest created by @adalger. Please go here to find out how you can enter this amazing contest.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Part Three next Monday!

All photos are my own.

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"How can you not like a beetle that is a great pollinator, does not damage your flowers or other plants, and their larvae with voracious appetites get rid of the damaging pests in your garden?"
I love these beetles. And they're beautiful. Or is it your pictures?
Resteemed and shared on Twitter.
Good luck with the contest, @whatisnew.

Hi @agmoore2! I love these beetles too and yes, they are beautiful. It was difficult getting good photos because they were so far away and zooming in makes them look grainy. Thanks so much for resteeming and sharing on Twitter. It is greatly appreciated and I appreciate you! : )


Hehe, another great insect mating post ^^.. I only know you for only a little while know, but this makes me really curios about you other hobbies, hehe ;) .. I really like how you put all tis nice information in your texts all the time.. They seem to be the romantic kind of beetles as they like mating on flowers, especially the "tree of heaven", hahaha!.. I am already exited for next monday ^^

Thanks @adalger! What is that saying...that is for me to know and for you to find out. LOL! I am glad that you are enjoying my "love bugs." : )

Amazing beetles and it's great that you can take photos of them while they made a wonderful moment together.... ;D

And WOW WOW!! These white flowers are very gorgeous. They are pure and look like a "carpet" for the excellent activity of these beetles. Great shot! ;)))

Yay! I was hoping you would see these white flowers!!! Thanks for the double WOW's sis! I agree that it was a perfect spot for them to do "their thing." LOL! : )

You're welcome! Ah! "A perfect spot" for them to do "their special thing" indeed..... ;D

I am really loving your insect posts. :))

Ah, that is music to my ears! Thanks so much for your support @goldenoakfarm. : )

Wonderful photography and subject information...

Thanks so much for your support Mike! : )

eeeewwww...mating insects. That's disgusting. lol. Howdy Butterfly, how's it going up North? This is a great lesson on these leatherneck guys or whatever they're

HaHa! I hope you were in the mood to learn.. : )
How's it going here? The frigid weather went away today so that is good. but it is still way too cold for me. I did something to my bad arm a couple of days ago and I am in severe pain. I can't move my left arm so I am typing with one hand. Always something. Is your back all healed?

Oh no! What did you do to your arm? And what do you mean "my bad arm?" Does that arm misbehave or something? If so the pain should teach it a lesson! I'm sorry to hear that though, it can't be snowing anytime soon until you heal up.

My back is all healed up and I'm working like normal, was outside working today and cut through a section of tree trunk that I need to get off our lawn. The thing is about 15 inches through the middle and I cut it in two using a hatchet. lol.

That was tough but since I threw my back out the last time I used an axe I didn't want to take a chance. A hatchet works fine, it just takes alot longer so it's more work. Perfect temperature for that kind of work though, in the high 30's when I started.

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