The little apple (Malus sylvestris)

Hi friends
Since August I follow the tree or rather the trees of these miniature apples.

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Since I saw it, I have been enthusiastic and although I have no photographs since flowering, I do have how the fruit develops in three stages, the first being August, the second September and the last yesterday October.

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I got to know these trees in August, they are planted in a park that I usually visit but an area that is a bit too far for us.
That day we were walking slowly and they appeared.

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They were full of small apples that would not measure more than 3 centimeters, their intense green color and the fruits together like bunches of grapes.

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The first thing I thought was to smile, they are so small and there were so many.
Some were pecked on the ground by birds or cracked by the jaws of a dog.

IMG_3247 copia.jpg

The trees were epic green all green.

IMG_3220 copia.jpg

The color is reaching the apples, the green has turned to yellow and this in turn to faint red.

IMG_3230 copia.jpg

Although I show them closely here, their size is a pinch bigger than a cherry.

IMG_3226 copia.jpg

I saved the photos and I forgot about the apple tree, but yesterday morning something told me that we had to go see how they were, I thought that there would be no more of those miniature apples.
How wrong I was.

IMG_0964 copia.jpg

The color had arrived, intense, red.

IMG_0967 copia.jpg

The ground is full of them, shabby, dry, sad

IMG_0960 copia.jpg

But we better look up and how these small trees are covered with red fruits like moles on a party dress.

IMG_0963 copia.jpg

A shrub of the Rosaceae family makes the delights of a day like this Tuesday of #treetuesday
Although its fruits are not edible, its color and nature feed our eyes.

IMG_0958 copia.jpg

Happy tuesday friends

IMG_0955 copia.jpg

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These look like crab apples and can be made into jams and jellies. They become sweeter after the cold weather.