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RE: Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 30

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Countryside view on a river with rice paddies surround (taken on Sunday today)
Simple but beautiful. It's not my best photo but it's meaningful and teaches me a lession ..
" Was born in a countryside, I always dreamed of living in a big and busy city when I was a litle girl. I liked skyscraper more than bamboo house, river, rice field,etc.. But when I'm getting older, more mature and I learn how to treasure everything of nature around me"

Appreaciate Beautiful of Nature Wherever You Are

Thanks @Phortun for a great topic


I am very happy to see you participating here and I love your first entry :) Thank you and keep them coming.

My pleasure !!! I always love any topic about "beauty of nature "😍
My first time to entry the contest on Hive, I misunderstood a bit at -I though I need to write a post of something so I took a while for me to preapare but when I read again your post...
Oh, I just need to comment my pic here 😊 so much easy :))

Yes, just a comment with a photo and a few words :) As easy as that :)