The Beauty of Tapak Tuan Beach in South Aceh is Very Enchanting.

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South Aceh is a district which is famous for its legendary tourism and also very interesting for us to visit. One of the famous legends is the legend of a magic hermit named Tuan Tapa who is now the name of the capital city of South Aceh, namely Tapak Tuan City and also as a site that is believed to be the former foothold of Tuan Tapa which is famous as Tapak Tuan Tapa.

The Tapak Tuan Tapa Tour is a very busy tour visited by both local and foreign tourists who are curious and want to see the giant footprints on the beach. However, the truth of this legend is still in doubt, even so this tour is still interesting to visit. The Tapak Tuan Tapa Tour is located in Gampong Pasar, Tapak Tuan District, South Aceh. You have to cover a distance of about 1.5 km, if you want to go to Tapak Tuan Tapa Tour.

Watch our travel video at Tapak Tuan's natural attraction, and enjoy its enchanting natural beauty.

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