Today sky is upset

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I hope everyone is well,at this moment. When I woke up and saw the condition of the sky like this, my mind became very tired.Nature will change from time to time. This is the law of nature, so with the change of nature, there is a difficult change in the livelihood of many people, which many of you know.

I'm talking about people who do business on the sidewalk under the open sky.The roof above their heads means the sky.When nature changes drastically, they actually change their mindset because the sudden gusts of wind, the sudden storms and the rains make them do a lot of random things.For many, storms may be enjoyable at times, but for many, storms may be the cause of many obstacles.
Nature actually moves at its own pace. Nature never listens to anyone. Nature changes in its own natural way. This is actually the law of nature.I feel a little bad seeing this look of the sky just before I go to work today.
Of course, if a lot of nature-loving people feel good on the one hand, and think about work on the other, and feel a little bad about people who have low incomes, then the matter has become very complicated for me.
Anyway, I finally made my own decision and thought that nature will move at its own pace. It is better not to have any worries here, so whatever will happen will be for the better, so I left for work. anyway friends good morning all and enjoy your time. 20200605_22131501.jpeg
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Hi @shuvo35. You interestingly describe the changes in nature! Fantastic sky, which is in your photos! It is severe now, but after a while it will be joyful and bright, like the events in our lives)
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