Life of black ants and aphids.

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On this day I photographed a group of ants on a small plant stem. This is a little black ant. I tried to take a closer look, and it turned out that there were also a large number of other tiny creatures. It looks like an aphids type creature. I don't understand what they were doing there. They just stand and rest on plant stems. Looks like they only maintain their respective groups. But what we do know is that ants are tiny creatures with very high social sensitivity. They do a lot together. Ants always form large communities like wasp nests. Hopefully we can take examples like the life of this little creature. Form a large community and do your best for the common good.






I took all these pictures using a smartphone camera and added a macro lens.

Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro + macro lens

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By @rizasukma