Amazing Nature Contest: Cat Igloo

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This is my entry into the #amazingnature contest hosted by @adalger. It’s about the amazing nature of a stray cat to find an unusual place to keep warm in freezing weather.

A feral cat, I named Friday, hangs around my back deck but is still afraid and will not let me close to him (or her).

Friday on the deck railing being curious of what is going on in the house. My two inside cats, Red and Sunday often watch him from the kitchen window.


When I first saw Friday he looked to be a young cat probably abandoned near the house and found the way to the back deck. He was so hungry I saw him nibbling on the bread I left outside for the birds. I toss out seeds, peanuts and bread each morning for my feathered friends.

Friday doesn’t seem to bother the birds, just watches them. The blue jays would put up a fight but the little chickadees might not have a chance if he wanted to make a meal of one.

Once I knew Friday was staying around, I left cat food in a dish on the deck for him and would call him. He would let out a little cry and eat the food after I went back inside the house.


After the first heavy snowfall Friday went missing. I mentioned this to @johannpiber and @agmoore and they thought the cat would return.

The temperature was below freezing and colder at night. I wondered if a coyote had got him but eventually he showed up again. I leave him cat food and warm milk each morning and he has made himself comfortable on the deck in what I call Friday’s igloo.

It doesn’t look like an neat rounded igloo made by an Eskimo but it would serve the same keep Friday warm in the cold weather.

The Cat Igloo


How the igloo came about

After the last snowfall, Hubby was busy snowblowing the driveway and I helped by shovelling the snow off the back deck, leaving the snow by the barbecue as it was heavy. I’m so happy I left the pile of snow as Nature made a shelter for the little cat.

Friday goes in and out the opening in the igloo and stays the cold winter nights in there. His little paw prints can be seen around the opening.


Rather than take the steps this is the route he takes, through the railings, to reach the igloo.


Friday appears happy and content living on the deck and by the time the igloo melts the weather will be much warmer.


Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

Photos & Text @redheadpei.

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Banner created by @barbara-orenya

Banner created by @barbara-orenya



I enjoyed reading the heartwarming story about the sweet friendship forming between you and Friday.💓

After you win the kittty over and get Friday domesticated (I am 100% confident you will!) may I suggest you change its name to Everyday, Daily, Forever or another surname that symbolizes permanency instead of something that is only once a week. Cats are sensitive to these kinds of things! 🤣

Keep us updated! @redheadpei

Haha Nina. The name change is a great idea. I’m happy you enjoyed the story.❤️😸

I need a story like this from time to time. Lifts the spirits. Friday will be a steadfast friend, I believe.

It makes me happy the story of Friday and the cat igloo lifted your spirits A.G. I feel better knowing he has somewhere warm to rest now that we are in a cold snap.

Thanks for your kind support and generous tip. ❤️

Have a lovely day.

Friday is a bit like our Rambo. We're hoping that he (we know he's a he) will be tame enough by our winter to a) come into the house, and b) deal with his healthy and over active testosterone.

That you've not had evidence of testosterone (spray) leads me to thinking that your pretty Friday is a female. Lovely igloo.

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I haven’t smelled or seen any evidence of spray Fiona @fionasfavourites. Maybe I’ll know the gender by spring if there are any little kittens running around.🐱😄

Friday would be welcome to come in the house if he was tame enough but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Both my two male inside cats have been neutered and I would take Friday to the vet first if he was to come in the house. Right now I treated him (in the food) for parasites.

Sounds very like our skittish Rambo. And I am with you on the parasite's not negotiable. Our male gives him a wide berth and our female doesn't give two hoots. We shall see how things progress - we're already three or so months into the process and we have a very long way to go.

That’s a beautiful cat, very good natured cat!

Friday has a nice fur coat and looks healthy since I started leaving out food each day @kaminchan

Such a nice cat!

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Thanks @crazy-andy for your kind comment and tip curate.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 44 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thanks Pix!

I'll bet the black grill cover helps soak up some heat when the sun is out! He is so lucky he found his way to you!

Friday is staying close to his igloo and I leave his food near it each day. We did have a bit of rain that turned to icy weather yesterday and he stayed in his igloo through it.

Yes I think the cover would help draw some heat. I don’t think we have used the BBQ very often so I’m glad it has a good use now. :)

My daughter had a heavy Styrofoam box that she put under her deck for the stray cat she has been seeing in her yard.
It will be interesting to see when Friday finally realizes that you are his feeder person and decides to be friends!

A good idea. I’ve read that styrofoam is a good protection especially from the wind. Also straw is good put in something against the cold. Hay , clothes would hold the dampness whereas straw doesn’t.

The cat thought he would find a better place. He didn't know that he had already found the best place, but soon he realized that and came back 😺
I am glad that Friday came back and that you have made him a warm home where he can stay and I am sure he will get closer to you over the next weeks and months 😀

Cheers with !BEER and !WINE

I’m happy to see the little stray cat Hannes. 😸He seems glad to be back from whatever journey he was on.

Our temperature is +1C and raining which may turn to freezing rain by morning.

Thanks for reblog, generous tip and goodies dear Hannes.🤗Always appreciated.

Wishing you a pleasant Wednesday and sunny weather.☀️

Good morning Jo,

I can imagine that - you thought the cat served as dinner for a coyote and now he's back 😁

Here we have -1 C and they say it's going to snow later, but in town we might only get sleet.

I wish you also a nice Wednesday, dear Jo 🤗🔆

Cheers and !BEER

I’m hoping Friday stays safe. A friend who has two dogs will not let them outside to do their business unless he or his wife accompanies them for fear coyotes are lurking nearby.

Today was nice but a few days of colder temperatures are forecast.

Wishing you a wonderful Thor’s day dear Hannes. 🤗☀️

Good morning Jo,

the Igloo looks quite secure I believe, a coyote might make to much noise if he would try to get inside. Hopefully I am right.

Yesterday was nice and warm, and today looks even better. I think I have to make a plan for the weekend ... if I was allowed to cross the border to Slovenia I would know where to go 🙂

I'm wishing you also a wonderful Thor's Day, dear Jo 🤗🌞

Cheers and !BEER

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Oh poor little Friday, she/he must be so lonely and cold and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to care for him/her every day.

Hopefully oe day Friday will be so used to you guys that she/he might just find his way inside and up onto your lap.

I had a stray cat that did that- 30 yrs ago.

I put milk and food out for her for months and then funnily enough on the first night that my parents came to stay, she walked straight in the door and jumped up into mum's lap and made herself comfortable. Needless to say, everyone as stunned, but not as much as me!

Pudd and I went every where together for years, but then I left to go overseas for a few years and gave her to my friends mum who loved in the country. Unfortunately Pudd died a few months before I got back, but I'm told that she is buried in her favourite spot in the garden...She was a great cat and I loved her so much- we have so many funny stories to tell...

Anyway, hopefully Friday and your other cats will become friends and then you'l all become family one day soon before she freezes too much.

Thanks again for taking the time to care for her!
Love and blessings to you!

Thanks for stopping by @chocolatescorpi and the reblog. I see you have a love of animals too.

I’m hopeful Friday will eventually warm up to me and not be so afraid. She is safe in her igloo and well fed here.

Your Pudd sounded like a wonderful cat. I wish pets had a longer lifespan but we have to enjoy them while they are with us.❤️😸

Many blessings to you my dear. Have a wonderful Wednesday.💞

Yes I have a massive love for all animals... If I wasn't so determined to get these on air by living in the digital world, I'd be the lone, crazy animal lady somewhere....

Eventually I want to study to become a vet so when I retire I can just spend my final years traveling the globe to volunteer in animal sanctuaries...

Yes talking about Pudd- 30yrs later bought tears to my eyes last night.

This is/was chad, the love of my life. He dies 3.5 yrs ago and is buried on mum's feet (in her coffin).

Out of all of the animals I've had over the years, Chad was the only one I was going to get taxiedermied, but Mum died before that happened (he was in a deep freezer) so I wanted them to keep each other company.


Thank you again for being so kind to Friday and obviously all other animals too.

take care and stay safe.

I understand how you feel.💞 There are pets that leave a lasting expression on our hearts.

Being a vet sounds like a wonderful goal. The world needs people like you to help the animals.🐱

Have a lovely evening.

Friday looks so cute and healthy now that you have taken care of her how nice of you 💖

Thanks @kohsamui99. I’m glad you see how healthy she is now.🙂😸

hello dear friend @redheadpei good day
What a beautiful story, I really appreciate that you have shared, things always go well when you are in the right place, with the right people
beautiful photographs. Congratulations
have a nice day. Enjoy it a lot

I appreciate your lovely comments @jlufer and happy you liked Friday’s igloo story.😸

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend.🙂

Lovely rounded face, smart adequate lodgings for a wild cat through winter, actually looks pretty neat having an igloo on the deck for Friday.

Now the wait and see what happens next, another day another story Jo.


Yes, I’m sure it will another day and another story with Friday Joan. :)

I’m glad you like the igloo. It all worked out.

Thanks for beer.🙂

Good ideas for a little added protection, hope Friday settles down so that you are able to neuter and let it into the home.

Nice amazing nature photography.

Thanks @kamrunnahar!🙂

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