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I apply this post for #AmazingNature Thematic Challenge. The weekly theme suggested was: Roots.

Well, I have collected something exactly on this subject. I always take a shoot when I see an intresting root -- as it is indeed a good illustration to Mother Nature's creativity and fantasy -- she have created so many amazing masterpieces.

I want to show you three excellent examples today -- to tell three different stories. And the first one is...


You may already know that pine trees have a powerful root system. But if you read this in a book it is one thing, and if you saw it with your own eyes, it is another deal!


Unlike spruces (their roots are located shallow under the soil surface, in parallel, so you can often see trees falling even from a not strong hurricane wind), the pine root system is oriented vertically. The pine tree clings to its roots and sinks much deeper into the ground. And not only into the ground! Pine trees survive where only moss and lichens can survive - on the strongest granites of the northern land, where storms and hurricanes and northern winds blow everything off the earth ... everything except pines. This pictures I took in Karelia, shows very vividly why they succeed. (By the way, the photo was taken at the quarry where granite was mined for the decoration of St. Petersburg back in the 19th century).


wild masterwort.

The second story is about a small perennial plant that grows in shady places, commonly called ground elder, herb gerard, bishop's weed, goutweed, gout wort, wild masterwort and snow-in-the-mountain (or Aegopódium podagrária). It competes with the dandelion for the status of the most powerful weed; the reserve of his vital power is unimaginable!


It reproduces itself with the help of roots, letting out roots underground in different directions ... if at least one seed dropped into your soil - be sure, in a short time whole area will be captured, it will displace all other plants, and the soil will turn into an obstacle insurmountable for others plants, a tangled, intertwined lump of its roots, impenetratable for others!

Moreover, it acts cunningly: the root hides deep enough, 30-40 cm underground, if you try to pull the plant out of the ground, the stem breaks off at the base and the roots remain in the ground! if you try to pull a root out of the ground, it breaks off and you pull out only a small part of it, and everything else remains in the ground - and instantly a new sprout of this plant is born. The only practical way to get rid of this weed is to burn out the soil .... or manually sift every centimeter of soil, removing roots from it, which of course is very difficult. I do exactly this at my dacha - I try to minimize the speed of its spread ... but while I am losing the fight, it multiplies faster than I remove these roots from the soil.



This part of tree trunk with partly visible root structure appealed to me enough that 3 shots were taken.

IMG_0244 w.jpg

willow (hairy roots).

This part is just... er.... nothing too much intresting can be said about it. I have a local park (named Park Aviatorov) and there are some intresting trees decorate its banks; actually, the trees (willows) are quite ordinary, but in time - due to the very changeable water levels in this pond - they obtained very intresting outlook. Those strange looking visible roots became the most prominent part of those trees. Really amazing!


We love to take pictures with them as background.








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Very interesting, @qwerrie!!

erosion worked here too! tho we are not SoCal


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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how are you dear friend @qwerrie good afternoon
I must admit that I did not know all this information about the roots of these trees, it is incredible how a small grass can have so much root, the roots of willows are also amazing
I really appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs and all their history
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

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Thank you for entering the competition.
Your stories accompanied by photos will definitely interest nature lovers :-)


and I also look at the roots from the point of view of a woodcarver)))
Nice photos and their history)
а я на корни смотрю ещё и с точки зрения резчика по дереву)))
Хорошие фотографии и их история)

о да! могу представить себе!
эти деревья (их много) вокруг пруда поблизости от меня обьретаются, при желании могу тебя там выгулять, если занесет а нашу часть города или там в гости. жаль,что ты пропустил этот раунд конкурса... с такой-то темой! прямиком в дамки бы вышел, уверен.

теперь я корнями всё больше любуюсь, мало резать стал, больше фотать.
Пост про корни набросал, но уже так, в поддержку темы. Может кому будет интересно )

@qwerrie - Very interesting topic to learn about the root of tree especially pine tree and its strong foundation. And of course, such an amazing capture shot of root in different perspective. Yes, those photos are showing us of the beautiful and amazing creature of our nature. Thanks for sharing and have a super great weekend.


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