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RE: Amazing Nature Contest - September 2020 - #04

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Thank-you for choosing my duck and goose post to be among the winners! Congratulations to @keuudeip - I love your shell shots and @nelinoeva had some wonderful bird shots - great entries!

It always amazes me the variety of awesome photos that are entered and your honorable mentions - congratulations to them!

I have an entry for this week with the brilliant fall colors and a bright interesting sunset at:

filter gives bright orange to poplar trees among evergreens by road.JPG

brilliant colors in streaks of clouds over pond.JPG


Wonderful golden autumn pictures.
I love the photo of the Moon very much. As for the star, I am impressed that you can make such a photo with your camera. Honestly I don't know what the dark circle in the middle is.

I was really surprized that I could get some details on the close up of the star too and that there is a darker circle in the center. This is the second time the darker circle appeared when I got a close up of the star, so curious as to what it is!

Amazing images and some unique shooting angles. Beautiful colors of nature before autumn. The autumn will carry with it all these colors from reality, but these images will keep them in memory until spring returns. An awesome touch that you actually did! Thank you for sharing, and congratulations on winning in previous contests. I really like the ducks in the wild, in their beautiful habitat.

Thank you for your entry @porters, showing us how autumn is slowly crawling to your place ^^

Beautiful captures of how Jack Frost painted the trees in your area @porters. Thanks for sharing the changes autumn brings.

@porters, beautiful and spectacular the sunset photo, I love this photo, it is as if the sky breaks into layers and rises two dimensions, thanks for sharing and many successes in the contest.