Outlook from a different perspective

in Amazing Naturelast month

This could have been a nice flower if you ask me. However, there is a cycle in life in which everything will have to go through. Similar to this flower, everything starts from a tiny bud and then gradually grows to a flower. It is the most beautiful as it reaches the further extent of the flower's bloom. And then it will gradually turn brown and dried up. Eventually, it will fall and leave the base behind until a new flower comes out again.


I'm not trying to be poetic but I really find beauty in every aspect of this cycle.

Every change in appearance represents a period in time as it exists through it. It stays relevant within that period of time even until the next cycle begins.


The seeds that will fall off from this flower will give birth to the new plant that will bear the new flower. And as it grows it scatters and propagates, it will result to a symphony of synchronizing cycle of these flowers.

Nature is artful in many ways.

Have a great day!