Featuring the inherent beauty of clustered things

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

In nature, there is an inherent beauty to things that cluster together. I find it alluring to pick fruits like berries or grapes that are in clusters. Are you feel compelled to do so as well? I think we can all agree that they seem more appetizing in that form in comparison to something that is from a single stalk.

Having that idea in mind, I put it into practice by scouting for subjects that appear in clusters.

For today, I will showcase two types: wild berries (inedible) & the other is a type of flower that also appears in a cluster.

Even though these wild berries are not edible, they look succulent as the pomegranate, I mean the tiny version of it.



There's a good reason why flowers are presented as bouquets and not just on a single stalk. Firstly, they looked organized and it has a volume that is more appealing.

Having more than 1 piece of it in a photo also adds interest especially when each of them has some sort of refined uniqueness with them.



Have a great day!