Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun: round 30

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to the 30th round of my special weekly photo challenge known as Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun :)

I know a lot of photo contests with nature as the main theme were/are/will be hosted by various people on the Hive blockchain but I wanted to come up with something more than just another photo contest where participants would submit their best natural photos. Therefore, I decided to go for quite an unusual concept that I am going to introduce in the following lines.

The aim of the Appreciate Beauty of Nature with @phortun photo challenge is not to make you dig up your photo archives and submit the best pictures of nature that you have ever taken. Instead, I want you guys to go out and appreciate the beauty of our nature right now.

The internet (and the Hive blockchain as well) is flooded with picture perfect shots of landscapes, mountains, forests, beaches etc. taken years ago. But this is not what I want to see in this challenge. I want to see shots that may not be necessarily stunning but they must be fresh, proving that you have just physically spent some time outdoors in the fresh air. But remember that nature comes in many forms. It doesn´t have to be a pristine jungle or a deep remote forest. An urban park, a botanical garden, a little grove on the outskirts of your town - pretty much any place with some trees, plants, rocks, bodies of water or any other natural features would be just as fine ;)

Obviously, there is no way for me to verify whether the photo that you submit in the challenge is really fresh or if it was even taken by you so I am relying on your honesty guys. The prizes for the winners (as described below) are more symbolical than overly motivating so I don´t expect too much fraudulent behavior in this challenge anyway.

I want to keep the rules of this challenge as simple and benevolent as possible so let´s agree on just this:

Only one entry (photo) per person per round.

The photo must be yours and not older than one week.

Add a few words about the photo, at least where and when you took it.

You can start submitting your entries to this round in the comment section below from now until the next round.

Prior to publishing the next round post, I will pick 3 winners, give my full upvote on their entries and feature them in the next round of the challenge. As long as the response is not too overwhelming, I will also try to give some smaller upvotes on all of the other entries to reward all participants.

I might change the concept and/or the rules of the photo challenge later on, depending on how things go. I usually host the challenge on Thursday but when needed for some reason, I can host it on some other day so better check my blog regularly not to miss out on it ;)

To keep up with you guys, I submit my own fresh natural photo to every round´s post too :) Here is my contribution to start out this round.


View of the Stablovice pond that I captured just yesterday afternoon when biking around the area. I don´t know why the water is so green in that pond but it´s probably clean and full of fish because there is always a lot of fishermen sitting on the bank. Stablovice is a little village here in the Moravian - Silesian Region of the Czech Republic.

In the last round, we had 6 participants. After some thorough consideration, I decided to pick these 3 winners:

@bigsambucca with this entry:


Driving back from the south of Thailand on Sunday along the country roads you will see lots of these huge rocks protruding out the forest they are huge limestone rocks normally covered in lush green trees they look amazing seeing them all along these country roads.

@bucipuci with this entry:


Thanks for the evaluation :-) Speaking of those views, I'll add one fresh from today. It is a view of the Giant Rocks above the village of Lipová in the Jeseníky Mountains.

@iliyan90 with this entry:


Nature is something so beautiful even hard to describe will words. This week photo contest I'll make my entry with a photo of my ”Guru” enter the water so impatiently every time we get around the river in those hot summer days ;) The photo was taken on 9.4.2020 at my village Resen, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Also for those interested you can check my profile and make your entry to my #hotsummer challenge I’m doing it ends on 6th of September ;)

Congratulations guys! It was my pleasure to give you 100% upvotes on your entries :)

I am looking forward to what you will come up with in this round.

Have fun and appreciate the beauty of nature!

I post this series in the Amazing Nature community (a great community for all nature lovers) that was created by @adalger.

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


Thank you for visiting my blog. If you like posts about Nature, Animals, Ecology, Crypto, Traveling, Photography and discovering secrets and beauties of the World, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I mostly write about. Have a wonderful day and keep on hiving! :)



Countryside view on a river with rice paddies surround (taken on Sunday today)
Simple but beautiful. It's not my best photo but it's meaningful and teaches me a lession ..
" Was born in a countryside, I always dreamed of living in a big and busy city when I was a litle girl. I liked skyscraper more than bamboo house, river, rice field,etc.. But when I'm getting older, more mature and I learn how to treasure everything of nature around me"

Appreaciate Beautiful of Nature Wherever You Are

Thanks @Phortun for a great topic

I am very happy to see you participating here and I love your first entry :) Thank you and keep them coming.

My pleasure !!! I always love any topic about "beauty of nature "😍
My first time to entry the contest on Hive, I misunderstood a bit at -I though I need to write a post of something so I took a while for me to preapare but when I read again your post...
Oh, I just need to comment my pic here 😊 so much easy :))

Yes, just a comment with a photo and a few words :) As easy as that :)

I'm back for an entry:


Taken in my morning walk at Palo, Leyte, Philippines.

Spectacular scenery, thank you :)

Thank you for hosting. 😍

Awesome selections for the week. Congrats everyone 🙂

Here is my entry for the week, which was clicked few min ago. Location Harihar - India.

I was up for the evening walk and the tracks of afternoon rain were still uncovered. The jasmine leaves were blessed with hanging pearls in a line. I clicked the photograph with a sunset background. Unfortunately it didnt have much of it. Lucky if you could see some through the hanging water droplets 🙂


Very impressive close up, thanks for your entry :)

I have been in Sydney for the past couple of days away from my home town of Byron Bay but i don't mind coming into to city to caught up on what's going on around our beautiful city of Sydney after attending to some matters i found myself in Glebe Park just walking around admiring the fresh views of this lake in a urban area there has been many green areas in urban areas of Sydney popping up which the community is loving and so am i love seeing new green areas been developed.


Thanks for showing us another nice place in Sydney :) Cool shot.

My pleasure thank you @phortun 👍

This is Jawa Park a park i took this photo from my balcony this morning this is a park that inspires me every morning i look over my balcony it's always inviting me for my early morning walks or jog this Jawa park is fully equipped with a jogging track , walking track , bicycle track plus it has a free gym and basketball courts all from the courtesy of the Thai-Chinese community and there Thai-Chinese temple in the middle of the park is really something to see very nicely done i love this tidy park 🙂


Impressive combination of nature and urban environment, great shot :)

Thank you @phortun i have a nice refreshing view to look at 🙂


In southern France there is still hot summer:) Taken 2days ago near Belleville.

Nice one :) I think this is the first photo from France in this challenge actually :)

Not really too much nature into my picture but fell in love with the sky and had to take a picture of it! Made me feel that I should stop rushing to live and enjoy more every moment of life :)

Taken on 5th September in Sibiu, Romania


Very interesting cloud patterns :) Thanks for your participation.

Some fantastic entries - but I really love your contribution! !tip

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Thank you for you support and the tip :) Feel free to join the new round.

My pleasure! I will bookmark it for sure and will share it with my PHC community a little later today :)

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Thank you for having me in top of the list ;)

Namaste 🙏

My pleasure Iliyan :) See you in this round.

Díky za vyhodnocení. Budu se muset porozhlédnout, abych měl nějaký čerstvý snímek :-)

Rádo se stalo :) Budu se těšit.


Great idea. Sure, I'm in :)) Can't wait to share my post here soon :))

Awesome, I am looking forward to checking out your entry :)

Good evening. In the photographs, nature is really fabulous. And the photo quality is very good. I really liked the post. Thanks you.

Thanks for this nice feedback!

Thank you @phortun much appreciated and your pond looks so inviting there would be some pretty healthy fish is there 👍

Haha you are probably right :) And you are welcome ;)

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