Go out and smell the... rock roses!

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It's been hard to get the motivation to post these days; it seems there's always something else to do, and together with a lack of time/patience, I'm not as active as I used to be. But to resume some posting, nothing like writing about something that gives me great joy: nature trails!

20201010 11.50.44.jpg

The Sintra-Cascais natural park is probably the closest park to the country's capital; it encompasses the westernmost point of continental Europe, a good extension of shoreline and an amazing forest with it's own micro-climate, called Serra de Sintra (it's the one covered in clouds in the above photo!).

I did the nature trail between Cascais and Cabo da Roca, around 16km; the path follows among fields with the natural flora, with a good part very near the shore.

20201010 11.59.40.jpg

Baby oaks were seen in places that were devastated by fire not that long ago, it's good to see nature bouncing back!

20201010 12.28.29.jpg

This paths goes near Guincho, where a protected dune park ends up in a beautiful but very windy beach, perfect for watersports such as surf and windsurf.

20201010 12.36.45.jpg

Big cliffs are a common part of the show, and harsh sea and wind are the norm here! Here, the path follows the coastal line, before a small climb starts. The fresh air is filled with sea breeze and the odor of rock roses, that are all around.

20201010 12.40.42.jpg

Starting the climb

Although nowadays with apps and gps it's so easy to follow the trails, the basics do help! If you see these signs on the ground... you're in the right track!

20201010 13.05.59.jpg

Higher above, before reaching Malveira da Serra, you have a great view of the Guincho beach, far on the landscape.

20201010 13.20.27.jpg

All around, even more rock roses and other typical bushes of the mediterranean flora, such as the Heather.

20201010 13.16.15.jpg

Heather / Urze rosa (PT) - Erica spp

After going uphill from the shoreline, there's a small part of the path that crosses small villages and it's near the road, but I'll skip that part. From that small plateau, the trail goes into the nature again, up and down the hills, straight to its destination: Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe!

20201010 16.02.56.jpg

And there he is, on the horizon, with its famous lighthouse. But still plenty of walking to do!

20201010 16.29.12.jpg

Sea fig / Chorão (PT) - Carpobrotus edulis

20201010 17.22.29.jpg

We reached our destination around one hour before sunset... but we didn't stop there. Because a couple of kms more, the beautiful Praia da Ursa was calling me.

"Bears beach* (the literal translation) is an amazing beach, completely wild. No coffees, no guards, no infrastructures, nothing. Just nature in its raw form.

20201010 17.41.12.jpg

It still involves a narrow path all the way down, and having to climb back again! But for ages I was planning to finally swim in the westernmost beach in continental Europe... and I finally did it!!

20201010 18.26.29.jpg

20201010 18.24.49.jpg

Swimming in these cold waters was the best way to finish this hiking trail. In crazy times like these, surrounding ourselves with nature and breathing the fresh air makes wonders to our physical and mental health.

After the refreshing dive... time to climb back up, and enjoy the amazing sunset before heading home to a well deserved dinner!

20201010 19.02.591.jpg

This hike wasn't that long ago... but reviewing these photos just make me want to go hiking again! As soon as the damn curfews allow it, off to nature! Have you been able to enjoy the outdoors? 🙂


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wow ... the natural scenery is beautiful and I really like it .... so cool.

Thank you for the feedback; cheers! !BEER

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The renowned Portuguese nature at its finest and wildest :) Stunning shots. Bringing back my Azorean memories...

Thank you! The cool thing about this part is that it's sooo near home! And speaking of Açores... definitely hay to pay the islands another visit! 😉

Wow! Every shot I felt I was here.

Glad to read that!