Some Spring season life!

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I love how the sun color's this little squirrel's tail!

A "dilly dally" of amazing Spring colors here so come and feast your eyes!

Not the normal fare of flowers, but rather some of the abundance of new life emerging after a very wet winter.
Our planet is filled with lovely little residents and I will show you some of them here.


A perfect color fit here between the beetle and the flower.
This could be one of the Blister beetles of the family: (Meloidae)


A young dragonfly here and too soon to verify the species!


One of the aloe flowers and I loved the sun highlight!


Now this guy above we know and it is a "Red Basker" (Urothemis assignata)


This is one above falls into the Longhorn family.
(Ceroplesis capensis)


Here above we have a female Carpenter Bee. (Xylocopa caffra)


A little "Cape White Eye" searching for some insects!


Finally, here we have the famous little "Nightshade Ladybird" (Epilachna paykulli) landing on a leaf!

The thought that all of the rain during our past winter will result into an increase of insects and wildlife was correct and now only ten days into the Spring season they are starting to flourish.
Even the dragonflies are early, as they normally arrive during October. So, it seems at this stage that I will get many more species on film and I have already posted one of the new birds. the "Cape Spur Fowl" a few weeks ago.
So, we have much to look forward to and I will do my best to bring you quality posts.

And That's All Friends!

I leave you with this;

“Health is the new wealth. Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Kindness is the new cool.” —Syed Balkhi

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and cropped for uploading!
Specie Source: "Field Guide to Insects of South Africa"
Authors: Picker, Griffiths & Weaving.
Camera used; Canon Powershot SX70HS

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Great stuff and thank you for the wonderful surprise.
May this bot grow and go to the moon!

I do love the light on the squirrels tail and your right this planet has so many beautiful critters who sadly so many ever even notice

Thank you JJ,

Yesterday's lovely sunlight was repossessed by the clouds today making photography difficult, but not difficult enough for me to get an Eurasian Buzzard on the roof.

Many people go blind through life JJ and it's so sad.

Thats cool I havent been on much today busy with kids, but I will check your post to see the Buzzard tomorrow

Glad that you are busy with the kids and it's a good thing that you guys are near the family. Enjoy it mate!


Ohh yes we had a great time and we love we see them so much

Autumn temps are here this morning so chilly first thing when we got up

Grandkids are always a pleasure and I always see so much of the parents in them.
That's where we score as grandparents, as you and I saw the kids parents as babies hahaha.

As your Autumn approaches, so does our summer lol.
It will be your first Autumn there so note all of the unusuals, as then you will know what to look for in the next Autumn season.

Ohh yeah seeing the quirks or little things the grandkids do that we also see in there parent sis quite amusing

Yes I will look on this autumn as a scouting season LOL

My eldest grandson "Reece" is now at 17 years of age an accomplished Saxophone player.
He takes after my estranged father, as that man could play any musical instrument.

My mom was a champion dancer and our little "Tatum" holds national colors for "modern dancing" if that is what it is called.
So yes even the previous generations shows up in the grandkids.


The squirrel enjoys the warm spring sun - lovely photo, Zac 🤗

Your insects are so much bigger and colorful than most of ours - you even wouldn't need a macro lens - I love these carpenter bees - they are so big 😉

Cool post, Zac, it shows nicely how spring brings life back after the winter 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Good afternoon Hannes,

Like I said to JJ, today we have almost no sun and I think that with all of the cirrus clouds around, we will see rain soon again. The weatherman says on Sunday, but I think that it will be sooner.

That little squirrel is now having her second spring lol.
I think that you guys are stingy with food for the insects up there and that's why they stay small hahaha.

Glad that you liked the post and thank you for the kind support my friend!

Here's a photo of our clouds today for you!


Taken early this morning.

Cheers and thanks!

Good evening Zac 🙂

I love such a sky - it looks great with these many little clouds and the blue colour in between, a real nice pattern on the sky 😀

Haha, that must be the reason why they are all so small - we don't feed the insects 😂

Cheers and !BEER

Good evening Hannes,

I thought that you have disappeared for the day lol.

Yeah a beautiful sky but those little blocks grow much bigger and they block the sun.
Then eventually it becomes one solid mass of clouds before they break apart again for the evening.

To give you an idea about the the same evening sky, look at this!


We have compost heaps all over the farms here and the insects love them hahaha
You should make a compost heap on your balcony, but they don't smell too good lol.

Cheers and thanks!

Good evening Zac,

no, I went for a ride after work and came home later than I thought, but in a few minutes I'll really disappear for the night 😉

We have such heaps at my parent's house, but they are in the furthest corners 😉 the furthest corner on my balcony is 3 meters away - too close for any nose 👃

Beautiful evening sky Zac, ours was cloudless, but now it's dark anyway.

So, I think that was it for today.
I wish you a good night Zac 😊

Cheers and !BEER

Oh okay, so you are not in trouble which is very good Hannes,

Hope that you enjoyed the ride and got some photos.

Yeah, 3 meters away will mean that you guys will have to sleep with nose plugs hahaha.
So sadly your insects will stay small and skinny hahaha

Thank you and tomorrow we will have more cloud, so I will go the beach to get the sunset.

Right on and thank you for the comments my friend.
Oh! @galenkp asked if we could mention 2 friends that he can look at and I mentioned you and JJ.

We hope that you guys will have a good sleep and a good weekend.

Good night and thanks!

Oh no, I'm not in trouble 😉

Nice ride but no photo. I have the camera always with me, but when I only ride for fun in the afternoon I seldom see anything but the road 😉

We didn't have clouds this morning, just some morning mist and they say it's going to be a hot late summer day.



I think Galen knows us, but thank you Zac 😁

Cheers and !BEER

Wow and wow again Hannes,

These two photos are great indeed, prize winning photos methinks.
Glad that you will have a great day.

I don't know, as Galen said that he will check you guys out!

Let's hope that something good comes out of it for you guys.

Cheers and thanks!

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Frisky young tail in squirrel photo, must be the youngsters now growing up!

Yes birds and insects starting to appear to herald in Spring lovely to witness while still enjoying slightly cooler weather

Cut the lawns after two months for the first time, every visitor in town arrived to enjoy hunting out whatever moved shortly after the trim was completed.

Thank you for the visit Lady Joan,

Yeah, that little one is now in the second spring of its life and we have a batch of new babies that I haven't seen yet.

Newcomers starting also to appear as today I think I got an Eurasian Buzzard on the roof, but still trying to identify him.

Hahaha, oh yeah party time when the lawns are cut lol.

Hope that you guys are having a good Friday!

Such a fluffy cute squirrel!

We call her "Squirry" and she is a sassy little lady.
Nips into the house if we don't put nuts out for her.
Thank you!

Haha so cute!!

Thank you kindly 🙂

Wish it can stay spring forever - not to hot, not to cold, just right.... stunning pics

Oh yeah, thank you, Spring is fabulous indeed, but that scorching summer sun is waiting around the corner for us my friend.
Glad that you liked the pics!

Ugh summer and me are not friends

Hahaha, some of us run around with our cameras from tree to tree to stay in the shade my friend.