Amazing Nature, pictures!

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Thought to bring you some of nature's amazing pictures today!

How fabulous were the small things in nature designed, especially to please our eyes!

Image alt text

A colorful extravagance of micro design!

I am one of those that doesn't like diving into my files to search for stunning images to publish under lockdown. No, so I go out in our garden to wait for fresh beauties and I have some nice pictures here to show you today. The start of winter is here in South Africa and soon we will be awash in the winter rains, all of these little ones will disappear in nature's own lockdown!

But for now, let's enjoy them!

Image alt text

This bee chased the small butterfly off his seat!

Image alt text

Pollen collecting for the honey mix at home!

Image alt text

I followed the small butterfly and he is called a "Zebra Blue" The specie name is "Leptotes " and there are four families in this species that are impossible to tell apart with the naked eye. Size: 10m and wingspan: 20mm.

Image alt text

So the little Zebra was looking straight at me here!

Image alt text

A cool surprise was also this visitor, as this late in the season they have all packed up and left. He looks like a "Pantala" due to the two black spots at the tip of his tail. They are also known as "Globe Skimmers" or "Wandering Gliders"

Image alt text

This little beautiful critter has got us flummoxed. Two shades of blue with a white line that divides his torso and thorax. The two front legs with the flattened thighs should be a dead giveaway, but not so, as he appears nowhere in our books!

Image alt text

About -10mm I steered him gently to the top of the post to get a macro shot, but he was not happy at the top and made his way down again. A beautiful little guy in his blue suit!

Image alt text

Mr Bee arrived and I waited for him to come and greet me!

Image alt text

Of course he came up on the flower and he looked me straight in the eye lol. Of course he is an honest bee, as the belief here is, that if somebody cannot look you in the eye, then have nothing to do with them lol.

There are many of these beautiful little creatures floating about in our small garden. Some easy to get, but others don't seem to like their pictures taken. The little Zebra butterflies are similar to the dragonflies, as they only sit for a few seconds. But my camera's nickname is "Patience" and she takes her time to get them all hahaha.

Day 53 of our lockdown now and hopefully I will be able to get into our bigger garden soon!

Image alt text

This picture, or as some would say, image above is our bigger garden where I love to go and play. It is a place of silence and serenity and the closer that one get's to the mountains, the more their ancient power gets rooted in ones soul. Soon I pray that we will be back there, walking for miles in the friendly company of mother nature!

We used to work in one of the high crime "hot spot" city suburbs. Papillon was started in that ugly suburb and we stayed among gangs of drug dealers and prostitutes for 17 long years. Yes, we learned and taught a lot and had some amazing successes in the communities there, but by grace after all of those battles we are now in a rural area surrounded by clean living. Life has many tricks and it all depends on how we endure it!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading. The butterfly and dragonfly specie information was taken from our range of insect and butterfly books. Butterflies; "Gardening for Butterflies, by "Steve Woodhall & Lindsay Gray. Dragonflies; "Dragonflies &Damselflies of South Africa" by "Warwick & Michele Tarboton"/p>

We hope that you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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Amazing and cute little creatures.


@papilloncharity lovely picture shots and this creatures are quite amazing. And it's quite interesting to take the pictures of the butterfly and bees.

Isn't it more likely to be Miss Bee?

I saw lots of wildlife yesterday, but didn't get pictures. Not convenient when I'm running.

Maybe you must get one of those head mounted Go-Pro cameras when you go trotting about Sir Steve:)

I have wondered about that. I have a little action camera, but once I am running I do not really want to stop along the way and filming the whole thing would leave me a big editing job. I have my phone with me, but it is in an arm pouch to play podcasts.

I ought to go for some nature walks with my better camera to get some shots of the wildlife.

Yeah agreed, the best way to do it methinks!

Natures beauty caught with style my friend loved each and every shot

Thank you JJ, with winter bringing the cold, I am fast running out of photo options. We are hopefully due to go to level 3 of the lockdown at the end of the month. That should grant me a bit more leeway to get out.

yeah winter slows me down as well, wishing you luck with the level changing so you can get out a bit more ;)

Another 11 days to wait for level 3 JJ.
But we will get there!


Thank you my friend!

That's a lot of little critters - I am most fan of the butterfly :)

Thank you, that's why our charity is called Papillon (Butterfly)

There is beauty to be found in every part of nature!
Such beautiful photos - the one of the blue insect was very interesting!
Thanks for sharing!

I was also transfixed by that little blue guy my friend.
My pleasure to share!