A live dwarf saved from the traffic!

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This tiny guy almost didn't make it!

A soft knock at our front door and Marian answered.
Now Marian is the type of girl that gets excited when I save a cricket and her face was blossoming when she came to call me.
The complex gardener went out to the shops and on his way back, he picked up this little Cape dwarf chameleon in the road.
Everyone here in the complex brings their little finds, mostly injured to me and I take care of them.
Let's look at this little guy!


Yep! Healthy and spirited, as he has never been handled before!


I have a photo in my files of one of the bigger species of chameleons, dead, as he was flattened by a car, but decided not to post it here.
This post is meant to display the gratitude in our hearts for being able to save this little gift.

Of course he didn't understand what was going on, as the one moment he was happily walking along and the next moment he was picked up by some kind of big animal(human) that he didn't know.
Wouldn't you be feisty if this were to happen to you?


Look at the size of this little soldier!
We have named him "Tommy Thumb".
When he becomes a small adult, his name will change like his colors to "Tom Thumb" hahaha!


Spirited he started to climb his Kilimanjaro!


On his merry way up to my shoulder, but I decided to take him to my special dwarf bottlebrush tree!


As I put him onto one of the lower hanging branches, he was at first unsure what to do!
"What", he thought, "Maybe I must stay with this man, as it doesn't look like he is going to eat me"!


I stepped to the side, but he was still a bit unsure.
So I nudged him on his bum and he started climbing!


And he climbed like a champion as you can see here!

IMG_6779 2.JPG

Finally he was on his way and he soon disappeared into the dense parts of the bush.
"Go", I said, "fare thee well and hope that you will have a wonderful little free life"!

Whenever I do this, I always get such a great feeling of relief.
As mankind we are the custodians of nature and were never given the right to go about destructing all that we see.
An article online today reads that a football size of the rainforest is destroyed very 6 hours.

Some more information about Cape Dwarf Chameleons here below!

"The Cape dwarf chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum) is a chameleon native to the South African province of the Western Cape, where it is restricted to the region around Cape Town. As with most chameleons, its tongue is twice the length of its body and it can be shot out of its mouth using a special muscle in the jaw. This gives the chameleon the ability to catch insects some distance away".

Mankind is certainly intent on committing suicide, but at least, just by this tiny act of mine today I hope to have shown that there are still those of us that really care.
Yes, I know that I am a charity man, but is love and regarding all life as sacred then not charity?
Time for real love to be restored on this planet!

Note: All photos are my own, unedited and only cropped for uploading purposes!
Camera used: Canon Powershot SX60HS. (Some shots one handed)

What really hurts is when I Google "Cape Dwarf Chameleons" and I see all of the "For Sale" ads popping up!

We hope that you have enjoyed the photos and thank you for visiting a post by @papilloncharity

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He looks very nice. I rarely see lizards here, just tree frogs mostly.

Oh yeah, a real cool little critter mate!
I might include a few of them in your box of African frogs Lol.

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I guess this is a Chameleon. It looks calm and amazing too. When it walks, it walks gently.

Yeah I like watching them on youtube.

We see them here frequently. I love seeing them and how they change colour. Amazing......

You are a true hero cousin Stephen @papilloncharity, you done good!

Thank you cuzzy Jerry, hope all is well with you!
Oh, and no, I am not a hero, just someone that cares.

@papilloncharity I have seen this in my compound this January and I had to run away, I was super scared. That was the first time of seeing the Chameleon.

They are totally harmless my friend.
It is only mankind that harms them!

I am hearing this for the first time. I always believe they are like snakes. Thanks.

The photos are really nice . I am scared of a lot of animals especially cats but the chameleon seems harmless.
I used to think chameleons change to the colour of the environment they are placed in.. How true is this?

Thank you and there is a link in the post that you can open. It will tell you all about the chameleons my friend.

I will check it out l

Amazing looking wee dude(or dude-ette)!!!

I read that article about the football size amount of the rainforest being destroyed very 6 hours, Its a horrible thing

Thank you and they are cute little critters.
We have a family of them here that we protect, as they are in demand for the wildlife smuggling trade.
Yeah, amazing what we are doing to this planet my friend.

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Thank you for the notice dear Liz.😃

Always great to see you here 😉❤️

🧡 👌 🧡

Enjoyed it very much. So glad he is fine Tommy Thumb. 🙂
Here we are saving Koggelmanders right out of the cat's mouths. Lots of them on the rocks.

Great that you guys are saving them and we also have a lot of hassles here with the cats.
I keep a close watch on that tree my dear!

He's cute. Not too many reptiles to see around here. There may be some lizards around and maybe a grass snake.

Hahaha, again I say go out and really look. You will be pleasantly surprised what you can find on some rocks in the sun near the water.

Oh the small things in life so many are afraid of, we had to move a brown house snake loitering in the courtyard this morning down to the bottom of the garden.

During the quiet spell many reptiles have been taking advantage of moving around a little more freely, sadly it's time to be one the alert again.

Yep! Great that you guys also care.
I saw an article headline about the turtle numbers increasing during lockdown but haven't read it yet. It is on MSN and I will go and read it.
It is shocking what the animal traders are doing to nature!

Nature has enjoyed taking a break from us humans.

Totally weird here with Sardine run happening now, first the guys thought they could net fish , I saw a van with about twenty cartons loaded to the scuppers leave the beach area.

Next we heard an urgent warning on radio going out to deep ski launch clubs and netters that is it illegal and the ban is still in place. Feel so sorry for the fishermen, time of year they are able to catch and sell.

Too many chiefs, right hand doesn't know what the left is doing, with everyone having a "boot on the neck"....

The annual Sardine run is a bonus and a lifesaver for so many people Lady Joan. So, are the authorities now scared that the sardines carry the covid virus? Oh wait, maybe the bigger fish behind the sardines have the virus.

They are really overdoing things! I hear that the state of emergency will be extended until the 15th of July.

Sick and tired of this Nanny State mentality!

Most definitely laws for one yet not the next, most of parliament should be confined being over 65 years of age....

Old age homes under extreme lock down, how frustrating for older folk being trapped till possibly September? 6 months of what is left of your life, imprisoned in your own home.

Well, been out again for an hour today, mask and all.
Getting much busier at the promenade, but only a few fishermen on the beach.
We don't go near anyone, don't touch any surfaces and sterilize our hands when we return to the car. I saw many people once again in the streets with no masks on and a cop van even drove right past all of them without stopping. So what battle are fighting here???

Glad you could help that little guy out!
I feel such grief to know the rainforest is being cleared like that! Same as when they clear cut sections of the forest here where i live - totally unnecessary!

Makes me sad and angry at the same time to see such deliberate destruction my friend. What a terrible waste of life!