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Very good evening dear nature-loving friends! After a week of absence, I am here again with you in another edition of the Amazing Nature Contest; I take this opportunity to share with all of you the conditions to participate in this fabulous contest. Please read carefully the rules and conditions for your publication to be valid for the contest.

Muy buenas noches queridos amigos amantes de la naturaleza! Luego de una semana de ausencia, estoy aquí nuevamente con ustedes en otra edición del concurso Amazing Nature Contest, y cual aprovecho para compartir con todos ustedes las condiciones para participar de este fabuloso concurso. Lean atentamente las bases y condiciones para que su publicación sea válida para el concurso.




Today we entered the Amazing Nature and went for a walk along the Recodo, a beautiful place on the Colorado River where the inhabitants of the place use the river to irrigate large fields with its water and thus be able to use the same nature to obtain their food and supply the rest of the town.

Hoy nos adentramos en la Amazing Nature y fuimos a dar un paseo por el Recodo, un hermoso lugar en sobre el Río Colorado donde los habitantes del lugar se valen del río regar con su agua grandes dimensiones de campos y así poder valerse de la misma naturaleza para poder obtener sus alimentos y suministrar al resto del pueblo.




Many years ago, a group of people had the great idea of taking advantage of the benefits of having a large river with a very good flow nearby, and decided to build a large network of irrigation canals and put the land into production.

Hace muchos años un grupo de personas tuvo la gran idea de aprovechar las bondades que da tener muy cerca un gran río con muy buen caudal, y decidieron construir una gran red de canales de riego y poner a producir así la tierra.



The work was done with great care and great respect for nature where the priority beyond the use of this great resource that is so scarce in the world as water, trying to modify the landscapes and ecosystems as little as possible and returning to the river the water that is not used.

El trabajo se realizó con un gran cuidado y gran respeto hacia la naturaleza donde la prioridad más allá del aprovechamiento del ese gran recurso que tan escaso es en el mundo como lo es el agua, tratando de modificar los paisajes y ecosistemas de la menor manera posible y devolviendo al río el agua que no se utilice.




The result was very good, where it was possible to make use of this precious and scarce natural resource, returning the unused water to the course of the river. This shows that it is possible to live with nature and get the most out of it without destroying everything around it.

El resultado fue muy bueno, donde se pudo hacer un aprovechamiento de ese recurso natural tan preciado y escaso, devolviendo al curso del río el agua que no se utiliza. Esto demuestra que es posible convivir con la naturaleza y obtener su máximo provecho sin destruir todo lo que encuentra a su alrededor.




This is the wise and generous Amazing Nature, capable of giving us the best of itself. The love and respect we have for her will make us all transmitters of that respect and care that nature requires.

Esta es la Amazing Nature sabia y generosa, capaz de darnos lo mejor de sí. El amor y respeto que tengamos hacia ella hará que todos seamos transmisores de ese respeto y cuidado que la naturaleza requiere.

I hope that at some point we will all learn to enjoy and take care of the environment in which we live and be aware that if we all do not take care of nature, our children and grandchildren will not be able to enjoy this Amazing nature

Espero que en algún momento todos aprendamos a disfrutar y cuidar el entorno en el que vivimos y tengamos consciencia que si entre todos no cuidamos la naturaleza, nuestros hijos y nietos no podrán disfrutar de esta Amazing nature

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I love the idea to modify the sensible ecosystem of nature just as much as needed and to preserve it as best as possible ^^ It would be so nice if all people around the world, especially the reckless industrial people would try to give more attention to it .. It is actually quite easy to live in symbiosis with nature. All they need to do is just to care about their environment .. The real treasure that we humans should look after is not money, gaining a 100% efficiency and else, but a respectful treatment to each other and all living beings and finally just living a happy and joyful life .. It is so sad to see that all over the world young children went on the streets two years ago to protest and demonstrate for nature and their rescue, while the big whales up their just laugh at them, criticize them and just ignore them also they know it would be the right thing to listen to them ;(

I share your words and way of thinking! If we were truly intelligent, we would live in harmony with nature and derive all our potential from it.

Many still don't realize that the direction the world is going will be all the more difficult.

Let's try to think what will happen when nature has less to offer us. How will we get them? We will be able to reverse the direction we are going...

It seems to me that we are watching the movie of the Titanic and we are going straight to hit the big iceberg.

Thank you very much for your comments!

Big hug!

@pablo1601, Looks like beautiful and mystic forest. Have a abundant time ahead and stay blessed.

Thank you very much for your beautiful words @chireerocks!


Excellent use of water not damaging nature, gorgeous setting with so much green everywhere @pablo1601