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Very good evening dear nature-loving friends! Here I am again with you in another edition of the Amazing Nature Contest The first one in 2021, of which I leave you the bases and conditions. To those who are interested in participating, I recommend that you first read the rules and conditions so that their publication is valid for the contest.

Muy buenas noches queridos amigos amantes de la naturaleza! Aquí estoy nuevamente con ustedes en otra edición del concurso Amazing Nature Contest , el primero del año 2021, del cual les dejo las bases y condiciones. A quienes estén interesados en participar les recomiendo que lean primero las bases y condiciones para que su publicación sea válida para el concurso.





This is a very nice time to enjoy the incredible nature and give yourself time to take some good walks in open spaces. The Sauce Grande River has along its route a beautiful landscape where we can find a great diversity of birds, land animals and a very lush grove and vegetation on its banks, although this year the flow of the river is quite low compared to other years.

Como no podía ser de otra manera hoy les traigo a ustedes bellísimas fotos del Río Colorado, el mismo que sirve de límite de nuestra hermosa Patagonia. Siempre que podemos pasear en un entorno natural elegimos hacerlo a un lugar donde tengamos donde el agua abunde, por que allí encontramos una gran fuente de energía.




Where there is a large source of water we generally find lush vegetation, and a great diversity of fauna, especially birds. The soft breeze that caresses the trees, besides giving us a breath of fresh air, gives us a melody that transmits calm and peace.

Donde hay una gran fuente de agua generalmente encontramos una frondosa vegetación, y gran diversidad de fauna, especialmente aves. La suave brisa que acaricia a los árboles además de regalarnos sus bocanadas de aire puro y fresco, nos obsequian una melodía que transmite calma y mucha paz.




While I was walking through the vegetation by the river, my wife and our friends were enjoying their free time talking and drinking some mates in the shade. The truth is that I am more restless and prefer to walk in the tranquility and silence and connect with my surroundings.

Mientras yo aprovechaba a caminar entre la vegetación a la orilla del río mi esposa y nuestros amigos disfrutaban del tiempo libre conversando y tomando unos mates a la sombra. La verdad que yo soy más inquieto y prefiero caminar en la tranquilidad y el silencio y conectar con el entorno.



The sunsets I took advantage of to go and see the sunset at the river and enjoy that beautiful miracle that happens day after day and to contemplate those golden reflections and changes of colors of the place. At sunset we can also watch a lot of birds flying, looking for their nests after a long day of work.

Los atardeceres aprovechaba a ir a ver la puesta del sol al río y disfrutar de ese bello milagro que ocurre día tras día y contemplar esos reflejos dorados y cambios de colores del lugar. Al atardecer también podemos observar gran cantidad de aves volar, en busca de sus nidos después de un largo día de trabajo.



Those who live in towns where contact with nature is just around the corner from their homes, where they can find relaxation and liberation in just a few steps, are very fortunate. This is the village where we long to go and live with my wife, we will see if luck is with us and we can make it.

Son muy afortunados quienes viven en pueblos donde el contacto con la naturaleza está a la vuelta de su casa, donde pueden encontrar la relajación y la liberación con solo caminar unos pocos pasos. Este pueblo es al que anhelamos irnos a vivir con mi esposa, veremos si la suerte nos acompaña y podemos conseguirlo.



Every day I try to have more contact with the Amazing Nature to observe and learn behaviors of other species and manage to find the inner balance as nature always does, to seek my peace and relaxation, and above all to find myself that I need so much.

Todos los días intento tener mayor contacto con la Amazing Nature para observar y aprender conductas de otras especies y lograr encontrar el equilibrio interior como la naturaleza siempre hace, para buscar mi paz y relajación, y sobre todo encontrarme conmigo mismo que tanta falta me hace.

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Super post ^^ you are such a really blessed family 😁 .. It looks like a paradise over there at the other side of the world ;)

Thank you very much dear @adelger! Thank God very close to where I live we still find small villages where you can enjoy nature and be in contact and harmony with it.

Hopefully these places will be preserved in time.

Big hug!

I wish you a great year!

As far as I heared or read it, a lot of countries are trying now to repair as much nature as possible .. I just do not know how trustworthy these information are or if they are only for public outreach 🤔 .. But I stay super optimistic 😁 .. A really great and hapoy new year to you and your loved ones 👋

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thanks for the support!!

Lovely day out in nature, old bridge makes a great photo @pablo1601, wishing you and your family a wonderful 2021.

Would you like to join us on DNA discord @pablo1601 ? .. I really like your work and discover always some great post during my curation work from you and like to welcome you there ^^