My Entry for the Amazing Nature for May #02

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Have a wonderful day!

During my vacation, I went to the sea, just to reminisced the moment when I was a child. It was 4 decades that I never visited the sea of my hometown.

Like before, I found some amazing nature living in the sea and we eat it. It's delicious. Maybe, you would say it's weird but to be honest, it was the part of our life sustenance eating what we found living in the sea.inbound9173282467182809150.jpg

Have you ever seen a moving living creatures under the sand? or sometimes it appears in the seaweeds. This is called sea cucumber. It is a kind of crunchy and yummy seafoods dipped in a hot vinegar. I think it is one of amazing sea creatures.

Another variety of sea cucumber. It is a kind of sandy like skin. but the white inside is so yummy.

It's another kind but we never taste it.

There is a brown soft sea cucumber but I have no picture on it.

Thank you so much @adalger for your amazing contest.

Hive on!


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An upvote and happy day to you. 💕

Thank you dear @wakeupkitty

You are welcome my dear. 💕