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RE: Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge -#4/1/21 - CLOSED

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So, I was too hasty with my post "Animal FOOTPRINTS in the Snow" 😟, just had to wait for a couple of weeks! O-ho-ho 😥 😁


я не могу исключить простую вероятность, что ваш пост послужил причиной темы этой недели, так сказать, осуществил наводку, фокусирование и кристаллизацию :)) не будь вашего поста - кто знает... тема могла бы быть совсем другой!

Not necessarily! I cannot exclude out a simple possibility that your post was the reason for this week's topic, so to speak - carried out focusing and crystallization :)) if it were not for your post - who knows ... the topic could have been completely different!

If so, then I'm glad. But I must hurry to find something new or - next time!

or next time. theres nothing bad with missing out this and that, не последнюю корову, так сказать, пропиваем

I considered two topics. Footprints and .... :-)
Guess what the topic will be next :-D

Wow, sounds like a puzzle 😁! I need time to get an idea 😁👍

The decipherment will come on Monday :-). I can only say that you will look at your park again :-)

I am going to present my wildlife tracker hunting in an hour or so - from the forest nearby. I am watching time 🙂.
If a park, can that be feeding stations?

I'll wait for your entry :-)
Be surprised :-)

I posted!♥️

You will definitely find new footprints in your park :-)