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RE: Amazing Nature Contest - August 2020 - #02 - CLOSED

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Entry: One of the things I like most about the word "nature" are the healing molecules of nature like Carvacrol and it's powerful anti-microbe properties.

Project I'm working on now [Image source: myself & design team]
Carvacrol molecule: Top right image of the design.
Category: ... Surprise us ^^


Hi there @newworldfreedom !

First of all, thank you for entering the contest. But unfortunately I find it difficult to actually accept this one here as a proper entry. There is not even a link to a post that you created that I could enter for the voting on Friday for the judges. And even if I just put this picture that you submitted in there, I am afraid that you will not get a winning place and end up in the honorable mentions only without a single description of what you are actually planning to do here on Hive.

I did a bit of research on you blog where I found this post here:
I looked it up and read a bit about your big project to bring knowledge about natural medicine to the blockchain in 52 chapters, which actually sounds super interesting and valuable. I myself, a scientist who actually knows how our big industrial companies stock medicine is created and used not for the beneficial of the people but the purse of a few, how they are playing with the lack of knowledge of the common people, completely agree with you when it comes to raise the awareness of how simple it can be to just use simple weeds or tree-barks to create your own useful medication for all kind of purposes. The topics of the 52 chapters look really great and it would be a shame to miss the chance to bring this to potentially interested people that are reading through this contest every week.

But I have another suggestion to you. From time to time, during a lack of time not for the last few weeks, I add a "Feature" chapter into the weekly contest announcement post where I feature Hiveans or projects that are potentially interesting for nature interested people on the blockchain. I you would like to write up a short description about you nature medicine series for me in your own words I can add you there with you series. As an examples you can looks up the feature in this one here:
It was about the Marine Science Project by @juanbg. I believe that in a feature you can state your point and promote your great long chaptered project in a far better way. If you are interested in being featured just tell me ! In this case you can comment me a short abstract here, including a link and a picture for interested people that I can put into the Featured section.

Best wishes,

Lol, thanks for honorable mentions without a description but were you surprised? 🤠

I'm just coming in from a unjust 30 days Facebook block, I'm used to Facebook really and just speaking the truth without financial or group motivation. I think on your post I was at it too long, hours and hours none stop, I wasn't going to post the entry until I saw the words "surprise me". I thought, why not? :)

I'm glad you know about the topic and your a scientist, I will try to stick to the facts and share knowledge, what field you study if you don't mind me asking?

Excellent offer! I accept! About big or small should the description text be?

Oh no, I totally forgot to answer your other question, haha .. I am a Chemist. I did my Bachelor mostly in Biochemistry, my Master in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, and currently my PhD in Astrochemistry (or Astrobiology, as people like to call in nowadays)

I do respect this field for practical applications but for actual human medicine, the molecules of nature are far superior then the inferior ones we produce in labs.

Hey there !!

.. Yes, I was really surprised ! At first this picture looked a bit like advertising so I had to look up your blog to get some more information about it, as it actually does not look like the beginning to a guide about natural medicine. I also see that you found the Natural Medicine Community already, which is really good as their members will be highly interested in your Guide. If you are on Discord you should definitely join their server too.

Regarding the Feature, it will be the best to make it as short and on the point as possible. But do it as long as necessary to get all the information into it that you think are needed. If people are interested they will click on the link anyway and will find the complete information.

As we are talking about length right now, I have also one more suggestion to you about the chapters that you are planning to write. I am already quite a while here on Hive and found that texts that are too long are generally demotivating people from going through it all. This is actually a pitty if it is a text that has some really nice message in it. So I would not write posts that are longer than 2000 words in total (about 12 minutes read) and split one chapter into two if they become too long. Your formatting looks already really nice and your are using references in the right way, so the layout is perfect and I believe that your guide has the potential to become an awesome one. But as your target group will be mostly the Natural Medicine Community you could ask in their Discord about their opinion and suggestions to your guide. I believe that they will be helping you a lot in the future ^^

Oh, and one last suggestion. I saw that you are cross-posting quite a lot. There is actually nothing bad in cross-posting, but I saw that you are doing it up to 8 times for a post. I would suggest to you to reduce to number to maybe 3 cross-posts maximum. There are actually Hiveans here that consider this as an overuse of the cross-post feature and mark you as a spammer. It would be a shame if they brand-mark you as one ^^

I hope this was a bit helpful, hehe

Best wishes,