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Fotografías de mi planta de orquídeas /Photographs of my orchid plant.

La planta de orquídeas me tiene enamorada, además de sus preciosas flores de larga duración, está próxima a parir nuevas flores. La fotografía es de tres botones. Uno parece a punto de abrirse. Lo vigilaré todos los días para observar el nacimiento de la nueva flor.
Si observamos, la madre naturaleza nos regala nuevos milagros a cada momento. El nacimiento de una nueva flor es uno de ellos.

The orchid plant has me in love, in addition to its beautiful long-lasting flowers, it is about to give birth to new flowers. The photograph is of three buttons. One seems about to open up. I will watch it every day to observe the birth of the new flower. If we observe, Mother Nature gives us new miracles at every moment. The birth of a new flower is one of them.


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Las orquídeas son preciosas, es muy emocionante cuando se observa el florecer de cualquier planta :)

Good Morning @mllg beautiful flowers. Orchids are something I've never tried.
Now that I have my own place, I may give them a try.

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Hello, dear friend @jerrytsuseer.
I received them as a gift. Now I am learning to take care of them. But it is easy or has been in these couple of months. I only need to water them with a sprinkler once a week and keep them indoors. In the dining room, which is the only place where I have space, good natural light and ventilation.
If you like them, go ahead!
A hug!

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