New Years Celebrations commence true Aussie style, Fishing and Beers!

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Good afternoon from Australia team! Hope you've been well. 4 hours to go until new years here in the land down under. Depending on where your located on the planet will determine when you get the new year.


I'm sipping away on a wonderfully chilled beer, I have dropped a few lines in the the water and I hope to catch a few yabbies. I just learned that these crustaceans are uniquely Australian. I'll have to show you some images of them once I catch a few.

I've retreated to the bush for the next days as new cases in my state have emerged. So I wanted to get away before we went into another total lockdown.

Have a great night everyone and may 2021 be a better year.


Hoping 2021 will be better and I will see in the new year an hour later then you.

Hahaha oh yeah, daylight savings time! I'll let you know what the future holds 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Is 2021 better ?

Dunno... went to bed. Just got up as the lil one woke lol

Happy New Year's Eve @melbourneswest hope you catch a few yabbies, get time in the bush to unwind and make a positive start to this new year whatever comes our way.

Thank you, hope you're having a wonderful time. No idea how I'm getting home. 5pm today new boarder closures 😵

Within the country borders between cities? That is pretty rough, we still able to move between provinces with curfew between 9pm and 6am.

Well enjoy wherever you land up, hopefully back home 🙃

Vic and NSW boarders just closed:(