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Purple dead-nettle, native of Europe & Asia and widespread throughout North America.

Generally a weed that can grow about anywhere. Just found out the name from @deerjay 's resent Wednesday post https://peakd.com/hive-155530/@deerjay/wednesday-walk-a-short-walk-with-a-lot-to-see#@deerjay/re-manorvillemike-202048t181237495z

It's in the Mint family and grows in early Spring in clusters. Gets it's name by resembling stinging nettle but with no sting.

  • The whole plant is edible with a mild somewhat floral grassy flavor.
    Despite being in the Mint family is not mint flavored, is used in salads, soups or made into a tea.

  • Purple dead-nettle is very nutritious. High in vitamin C, along with iron and fiber, while the seeds contain powerful antioxidants.

  • Medicinal benefits, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal. Used by allergy suffers.

  • Being one of the first plants to flower, they are loved by Bees.

20200408_161315 2.jpg

Close-ups of the flowering part in my backyard....

20200408_161326 2.jpg

20200408_161327 3.jpg

Bottom picture taken from @deerjay 's post...






Wow! This is very useful plant! Need to have some in my garden! Anti viral plus lots of vitaminC! Great stuff!

Yeah read up on it .. just found out you can eat it...😉🌼

Stinging nettle is also medicinal and good in a tea, but I've never tried it. Alas, I have been busy killing it for years, with a hoe, long sleeves, gloves... this stuff stings like poison ivy, but the misery doesn't last as long. I will become a good girl and start eating (or drinking) rather than killing my medicinal "weeds." Even poison ivy is a native species, but it's invasive here, and I'm itching now from an invisible exposure to it while digging up garlic mustard. Thanks for this Mike. DEATH to all the garlic mustard, even if @owasco has started eating it!

If we go into a depression that makes the 30's look like paradise we will have a jump on our neighbors... by knowing some weeds we can survive on, a day longer then them...Better hope the economy gets opened fast...

This color is absolutely beautiful .. That is a great capture you got there @manorvillemike ^^ .. did you ever try to eat one of those or boil a tea from them ?

No, but I will.. Just found out you can...

I have some just now coming up around the yard. It is almost time to pick some as I will use it for making a bar of soap. Also, I may try some in a salad tonight too. I have never eaten any before but now that you made this post I will have to try it out.

Plenty around..Must give your soap a pleasing odor...

Purple dead-nettle!!!
I see them everywhere.
I’m glad I learned something new ;)

New to me too...😉

I have the variegated leaf variety, and the yellow flowered trailing variety. Cool to know about another variety. :))

These things are very common around here...😉

oh wow, I have never seen purple nettles before - they are pretty cool :)

They are but still weeds when they grow where you don't want...😉

This grass also grows in our area

Very wide spread..