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RE: Tree Tuesday- seriously amazing nature of all colours, ages, shapes and sizes!

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Awesome Shot!
It is Very Beautiful there,
Thanks for sharing,
Have the most Wonderful Day!

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Yes, it is quite a pretty town- now that the trees have grown, but it's also a pretty freakin BORING town too.
4.5k people when I left it 32yrs ago and about 4.5k now too...πŸ™„

Boring is not always bad...
Corpus has also stayed the same for 20+years, but..
The i(sand bar) island I live on was about 5000 when I moved out here, it was the Greatest place I ever lived!
Now there is about 50,000
They brought all the amenities with them!
We have cops, churches (maybe 15, was 3), huge stores, everything it took to take this place away from being what it was...
Saddest is the "newbies" have no idea so they don't mind...
Oh well enough "Bluff Tales"... He he he!
Have A Great Evening!
Oh yeah, also "now" My neighbors are the type that stormed the Capitol last week, and proud of it....

Yes true but there's BORING and then there's peaceful. This place is the former. not the latter, however I used to live in a place like the latter... (as caretaker) here (as caretaker) and work here where a tiny/small percentage would join in the Capitol chaos, as opposed to here, where the majority would be there too...πŸ™„

Hi there Thanks so much for sharing!
Beautiful Place, looks a lot like here, probably better
though. It's like it was here before the big "move".
I think I could get along well with that type of environment, I like "Nature & Warm"!

You have A Wonderful Safe Friday!