42 Days Exactly Before the Lemon Seed Sprout

in Amazing Nature2 months ago
When I wanted to grow a lemon tree, I took an empty plastic cup and filled it with soil. This is just an experiment but if it continues, it is in my favor. After slicing the Lemon and squeezing it into my Tea, I took the seed. On the soil, I put two Lemon seeds.

Once I did this, I had no idea how long it would germinate and if it would germinate. Anyway, I'm willing to wait no matter how long.

Actually, it was exactly 42 Days before it emerged! I was just surprised this morning when I entered the office and I opened the seed container, it has sprouted! I did not expect it to grow anymore. Maybe I just lacked watering and maybe I should have kept it always wet. Hopefully, another seed I planted will grow! They are two inside.

I want to try grafting this lemon when they have grown 30 centimeters. I want to try to take care of a lemon and make this Bonsai with lots of fruit. And what I want for them is to come from seed until they grow up even though it will take more days or time.

So far, I have succeeded in the first part. Next up is the transfer of Lemon Sprout to the vase. But hopefully, another one will sprout. At home, the Tamarind tree is waiting for me to move to a larger container and it is also ready for grafting!

Stay tuned for the next chapter! I'm also a bit busy with the current situation in the office so I rarely make a blog.


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