Gagra || One of the most amazing parts of nature And the memories of my childhood

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The nature around us has innumerable elements. Whose features surprise us. Every element of nature has its own unique characteristics and because of these characteristics they fascinate us a lot. Similarly, there are some plants around us whose features also fascinate us a lot. Gagra is one of them. It is a plant that has medicinal properties as well as harm to humans.

A few words about Gagra






Ghagra is a small shrub. It is known as Gagra in our local language. However, it is also known as Agra. The leaves of this plant are broad, ovate, oblong. And it has a number of small yields that are rectangular and elliptical in shape. These plants cause weeping. Which can be stuck or attached to anything. Can propagate from one place to another as well as germinate.

Medicinal properties or poisoning of plants







Every element of nature, especially many plants, has some medicinal properties. It is also a tree whose leaves can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. However, the leaves of this plant are mixed with other vegetables and then eaten. As a child, I used to see many people mix a few leaves of this plant with other vegetables to make a kind of vegetable larva.

Many people make oil from the dried fruits of this plant and use this oil for arthritis pain or other ailments. Although I do not know the benefits or the real secret. But I have seen many people use it with faith.

But I also know the harmful side of it. Although no harmful substances are emitted from this tree. Nor does it directly harm. But once I saw in an online newspaper, some people in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh had been starving for a long time and had quenched their hunger by eating this fruit. Later they all died. That means they die from the poisoning of this fruit.

The memories of my childhood







These plants bear numerous fruits that look very elliptical. The size of the fruits is not that big. As a result, there are many tears on the surface. As a result it can easily get stuck with anything. Especially sticks well with hair. Even if it sticks well with the hair, the hair has to be cut off.

It has an interesting and sad childhood to me. I was probably a student of class five. One day at the end of the class I took this fruit in my hand and rubbed it in my cousin's hair. Then when she came home and put her hand on her head, she saw that her hair was messy and stuck in this mess. She tried a lot to get some of the hair out, but the rest stuck. Then she came and complained to my mother in my name and my mother heard that and gave me different kinds of punishment. Later I got very scared. Later she cut some of her hair and brought out these skirts. From then on, I stopped making mischief with this fruit.

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