Photography Technique: Dehazing my Sea Turtle Photos

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Just less than a year ago, I took photos of sea turtles in Hawaii and I posted them here. They're okay, a selection of my better ones, but a photographer friend suggested I try dehazing them. It certainly helps to know there is such a thing! Today, I decided to try it.


Now, I use GIMP and not that much. I decided some time ago that learning to take reasonable photos made more sense than learning how to fix them. However I am becoming proficient at levelling horizons -- I guess we figure out what we need.


I chose images that I didn't post last time and they didn't turn out too bad. Some were much poorer quality.


Since there is no dehaze button, a quick search led me to white balance and color levels, and I fiddled with those! On the first four photos, I used the automatic white balance. It seems to work. Below, the murky before photo of this one.


Color levels are a little trickier and required more practice. It helped that the original was not so murky. Overall, I managed to get a richer look, below.


I'm posting this as a demonstration that might help someone else.


kansuze's Pacific Green Sea Turtle ~ Chelonia mydas


Photos taken with my Canon SX620 HS in Reeds Bay, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

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