Up and down on the hills 1. Eastern Bakony, from Csór to Bakonykuti

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I can barely get home from my long hike, I’m already uploading my photos to my computer and sorting. Hiking and photography together is already a kind of passion, healthy exercise and orienteering practice, but it’s also a creative job because you need a good eye and a critical sense to find the best pictures. Writing is just a little extra work, although most of the time I feel this is the most difficult part.

I didn’t plan my day too much either. I took a bus to Csór, which is just over 10 km from Székesfehérvár. From here, head for the unknown trails!
I haven’t been to Csór many times yet, but I know its Tori gate, inspired by Japanese Shinto art.

A Hungarian martial artist made the gate as a sign of his respect for Japan.
From the gate, there is a beautiful view of the village.


The trail led on the gentle, grassy slopes of the hills. Needle grasses everywhere, with soft, fluffy inflorescence.


An orange-tip butterfly let me photograph its wings.

This flax flowers seem shy


Pine flowers

The landscape was amazingly rich and wonderful. I didn't even realize how much time I spent here. My legs took me tirelessly forward.
I even found a real natural rock garden with thyme.

Bluemink (?) I don't know the exact name of this little flower. There were a lot of them everywhere.

Go this way-that way! I haven't deviated from the marked hiking trail here yet.

Blooming lilac - so far, I thought it only grows in gardens.

Medical sage

Needle grass field

Landscape is like mosaic.




The houses of Bakonykuti. I didn’t go into the village, I rather admired the landscape.

To be continued! I’m only halfway through my journey here, I’ll introduce the rest soon.

I'm not a person! I'm human!

With lots of love from Kalemandra



Beautiful landscapes, vegetation and the butterfly in all its splendour.

One of the reasons to enjoy these posts of Amazing Nature, are the walks or tours that I do through your photos and the narrative that you make of them.

Thank you for sharing the nature that surrounds you.