The motionless granite rocks of Nadap

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I had been to Nadap a few weeks ago, but then I was just looking at anemones and I didn’t have enough time to see a geological feature.
I started from Pákozd on my usual route, which I had posted about before, so now I just want to introduce Nadap and its surroundings.

Arrival to Nadap from the forest. To the right, in the distance, you can see the Buda Hills.


Why is this small village in the eastern part of the Velencei Mountains so special?
It is very varied and beautiful, but there are still many such places.

Lovely tulips


The Great Wall might be special, but it’s too artificial for that. Someone bought a huge area and closed it with a high stone wall. He may have had a lot of money to spend on such unnecessary construction. Behind the stone wall horses are kept now.

The "Great Wall" of Nadap


Catholic church behind another stone wall


Well, what is so special?

Nothing else but the motionless, more than 300 million-year-old granite rocks. We know that the earth’s crust is constantly moving and changing. There are places where very quickly, this means that the rock can rise or fall a few centimeters a year, possibly cracks appear and expand. Here, however, this movement is so slow that it can only be measured in geological ages. Therefore, the rock formation in the village acts as a geodetic level meter, comparing the height of the surrounding landmarks.

Geological park at the granite rock


I climbed up to the top!


Only the the church can be seen from here


Rocks and plants - which is stronger?


Climbing tree


My story is not over yet! As I was walking towards Velence Lake,
a mile or two away from Nadap, I found an abandoned quarry. The same type of rocks of course.

The view towards Nadap is beautiful






My next destination was Velence, the resort town at the lake. I didn't go up to the Bence mountain lookout. I’ve been there before and taken nice photos from above. I hope I find and post them soon.


Beautiful location and photographs 👍