¨Amazing Nature¨ Agriculture is a good option in difficult times.

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Welcome cultivators, fans of ¨AmazingNatureCommunity¨: Glad to be here before you with a new material related to the activity that we ¨passionate¨ about Working in the garden! We start a new month, I think one of the most anticipated by the vast majority of people, many do it because they love the traditions of the Christmas holidays, others because it is the month that indicates that the holiday season is coming.

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It is not news to say that it was a difficult year, many of you, like in my country, may continue to live as a hostage in your home as a result of this condition that haunts us, although being in home with our relatives is beautiful, spending a lot of time if any activity can be stressful.

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Agriculture is a good option for these times in which we live, it is an activity that can be done as a family, it is relaxing, and best of all, you find satisfaction in it; The greatest gratification is to bring the fruits that you have sown to your table, however, there are other satisfactions before reaching the harvest, it is when the first plants begin to appear. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing nature come to life!

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We have been very busy with the construction of the furniture, which made us neglect the garden a lot, we had some pending things, and it was time to take care, one of them was to relocate the "greens"; Finally on Sunday we were able to do it.

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Homework planning is very important for things to go well; While "greens" don't require much, there are a few things to consider when moving. Be very careful when extracting them so as not to damage their ¨roots¨ it is advisable to take a shovel and weed around it, when taking the plants do not exert too much pressure when removing from the ¨stock¨

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This is a good time to condition the plant, we do it by removing the deteriorated leaves, if the plant has developed a lot of roots, perhaps you should consider making several plants; The verdeos reproduce by bulb, which allows a well-developed plant to make several of them.

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The "green" allows you to sow in any type of "land" does not require much, just a few recommendations; They like an exclusive place for them, especially free of ¨hervas¨

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Its ¨roots¨ are very tender, for their proper development it requires that the ¨earth¨ be loose, it is advisable with the help of a ¨ shovel¨ and a ¨ hoe¨ to soften the surface well. where they are going to sow

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The planting is very simple, with our hands we make some holes where we are going to incorporate the plants, with a separation greater than five centimeters, we cover the plant and gently press the base

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Every time we move a plant we must finish with a good ¨hydration¨ I recommend when you are going to do this type of transfer, do it after a rainy day or when it is cloudy before it rains

To be honest it was a very productive morning, we really enjoyed the move and generated new planting spaces; If you are planning the possibility of a vegetable garden; The ¨green¨ can not be missing in your garden.


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Knowledge is at our finger tips, planting for feeding a home, family or friends always so rewarding. Not a bad idea being outdoors enjoying nature together.

Turning the soil and planting must be one of the oldest known things to man, we all have to eat don't we?

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how are you dear friend @joanstewart good day
It's true, agriculture and planting processes are some of the oldest activities that exist.
The work you can do there is often tiring, but it is a good therapy to do with family members, it is very enjoyable and the satisfactions are many

I really appreciate this pleasant visit and all the support you have given to my post Thank you very much
have a beautiful morning

Working in the garden, feeling the soil run between your fingers is far more therapeutic than wasting money in a gym, just my opinion!

Big plus, doing it as a family, children remember times like this together and how to plant produce (I know it is my own experience).

Always a pleasure to share, perhaps others will think about planting, especially with children rather than sitting around on devices, not healthy all of the time.

It is true, children are very aware of technology, the garden is a good idea to move them away a little, they are also the ones who are going to do the things that we could not do, in the care of nature, but for that, they need that let us teach them to love and care for them. My granddaughter Abigail makes her own sunflower plantings
Once again, thank you very much for supporting my work.
have a wonderful afternoon

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