Goodbye to our ¨sunflower¨ plants

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Hello friends of ¨AmazingNature¨: nothing makes me happier than being here with you, ¨passionate¨ of my ¨passions¨; Every time I visit them, I perceive the clear aroma of nature, which perfume what I breathe.

Source: Family Album

I bring you some beautiful photographs that I was able to take a few days ago before the plants said goodbye to us

Source: Family Album

This is a plant that I have long wanted to have, but I don't know much about it

Source: Family Album

This year it was my granddaughter who planted, and we have had a good result, many of the ones we planted grew very well and have given us beautiful ¨flowers¨

Source: Family Album

I have to study the behavior more, since I know very little about it, I think they have only one "time" of life, ours have not said goodbye; Luckily we have taken many images with our ¨Nikon¨ ¨Coolpix¨ ¨B500¨ camera

Source: Family Album


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We all could use some sun flower in our life

If you are very right dear friend @brittandjosie, of all the floral plants, without a doubt this is one of the most beautiful.
I appreciate with all my heart your enormous support

have a wonderful night


I am very committed to our company, I do everything possible to contribute to it
good night

Hi @jlufer, it is so sad when our plants "time in the sun" comes to an end.
I'm glad you got photos to share.

how are you friend @jerrytsuseer
I did not know that they will last so little, I have to find out more about this plant. luckily we have taken many pictures
Thank you very much for this pleasant visit and I support that you flank my post

have a beautiful night, enjoy your exquisite dinner

I am going crazy @jlufer, thanks for asking. My house closing is 4 days from now, and I am filled with both anticipation/hope, but fear/anxiety at once.

I am not cooking tonight, you must be looking at my post from several days ago

And it is not for less dear friend @jerrytsuseer, but be calm, you will see that everything will be fine. there is always someone who watches over us.
Best of luck.

We are always benefit from our nearby natures especially beautiful and pleasant surrounding.

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hello dear friend @andyjim good afternoon
Happy to know that my images were to your liking. I really appreciate all the support you provide to my post
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid night

Goodbye, sunflower.
That one right there is a giant!

hello dear friend @ silversaver888 good day
It is surprising how the plants have grown, they became very big, now they are giving the seeds.
I appreciate with all my heart the great support you give me
have a great day

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