What have I done!!!

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I mean, here's what I've done while trapped at home and I ques many others have done the same thing. Growing and talking to plants when almost all human contact has been limited to zero. And as my ass and my back can only take so much sitting in front of the computer and nowadays that's almost the only thing I do because of working from home, soil digging is good for my head also.

Epipremnum pinnatum 'Marble Queen' on both sides, Peperomia caperata 'Santorini' on middle left and Zamioculcas zamiifolia on the middle right. 5,5°C outside and 22,2°C in.
Kultaköynnös, muorinkukka, palmuvehka.

The Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Emerald palm is over one year old. When I got the Emerald palm I took several leaf parts, put them in soil and had to wait for a year until a sprout emerged. The leaf parts just were there, unchanged, green for several months until sometime this January two leaf parts sticking out from the soil turned yellow, died and the rest three grew a sprout. It took this long for them to grow about a thumb size tuber and now the plants again just are there, doing almost nothing.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia (Emerald palm)

Here's their bigger sister. Or is it a clone? Surviving in the dark.

I've seen a totally black leafed version (Zamioculcas Raven) of this plant too, oh gosh, I'd like to get one. Actually, now that I think of it more, I neeeeeeeed one.

Epipremnum pinnatum Aureum (Devils ivy)

At least I think it's Aureum. I'm not a plant expert. You know, the most common one with yellow on it's leaves. It's a great plant as it can survive in the dark conditions. But as it's poisonous and I have cat's it needs to be high on wall and ceiling. Far away from Amanda.

Felis catus"What, who me? Whatcha doing can I taste it?"

2x Sansevieria, 2 x Devils ivy and Epipremnum pinnatum (Pothos 'Neon')
Anopinkieli 'Samurai' ja keihäsanopinkieli sekä 3 kultaköynnöstä joista yksi neon.

The two Sansevierias are (not sure but guessing) Sansevieria Samurai Dwarf (Snake Plant - Mother in Law Tongue Plant) on the right and Sansevieria cylindrica (Cylindrical Snake Plant) in the middle. On the far right there's the Neon version of Devils ivy. I think it needs more light than the average one but I haven't gotten around to figuring out where else to put it. Thankfully it hasn't died yet because of the insufficient light so perhaps I still have time to make it's life worth living.

Asparagus setaceus

Although the asparagus fern isn't poisonous and I think because the leaves feel hairy, I think my cats would have not eaten this one, I still wanted it to climb on the wall as the wall is just dull white. So I've attached white sewing thread from the table edge to the ceiling for it to climb. With a little help of course. But I have to say that because of that changing a bigger pot to the plant was pure agony. But survived it. I and the plant.

Citrus limon

Here's the one lemon seed I didn't accidentally eat or throw in to the bin over a year ago. My lemon tree is almost 15 cm tall. Pretty soon I can sit underneath it.

Radermachera sinica on the left, Pinguicula on the right and Asplenium nidus in the front
Hellepuu (huonesaarni), yökönlehti, pesäraunioinen

I have no clue which Pinguicula (butterworts) this is but it has purple-blueish flowers.

My other cat, Jörö (Grumpy), doesn't care about plants that much. He only eats grass (wheat or barley) because Amanda does. But for some reason it likes to drink the water where the butterworts is. And as the butterworts is a swamp plant and it has a large bowl of water always filled and the soil is... well like swamp soil, completely wet all the time and the plant and the water attracts small flylike insects and sometimes I forget to change the water... weekly... I can just imagine the amount of... healthy bacteria in the water and no, I am not going to try the diet that Jörö has. He also eats raw meat that has been in the cat bowl in room temperature about 24 hours. That's the time when I take the the food away that no-one (I mean cats) has eaten.

No wonder you should always go get antibiotics if a cat bites you.

Cats are poisonous creatures.

"Nooooo... not I. I'm adorable!"

Monstera deliciosa and Epiphyllum
Jättipeikonlehti ja bolivianlehtikaktus

I'm trying to grow a juggle here. Couple swiss cheese plant is a great start. I need a bigger apartment. For my plants.

Or is it a Lepismium bolivianum?

This one was sold to me with a Finnish name that is literally translated: Bolivian leaf cacti. So I'm not sure of it's scientific classification but it sure looks like Lepismium bolivianum when comparing it with the images found from google.

"Gimme more!""More plants to eat!"

I do have more, the photos I took just didn't do any justice to the plants so more some other time.

And I do have plans for more plants! More, more, MORE!!!

Seeds from pears, apples, plums...guava, passion fruit, carambola.


Now if all these pomegranate seeds that I didn't eat yesterday will grow, I'm in trouble.

Googleing: "Does pomegranate tree survive below zero temperatures when winter comes and everything freezes in my balcony?"


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