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Nature offers us health: chia seed🌿

A newspaper article published in Bioguia

The human being of the XXI century is usually an inhabitant who usually eats fast food or low nutritional level, this is our culture today, this is how we have been taught.


Photo credits: Prensa Libre

There are hundreds of species of plants and seeds that are considered a "super food" and that bring great benefits to our health, but we very seldom know about those seeds, that is the case of chia. Still, you've surely heard of this superfood, as it has gained some popularity in recent years.

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What is chia?🌿

Chia is a plant of the Lamiaceae family, its scientific name is Salvia hispanica. Its origin lies in the center of America, between Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Its cultivation is, mainly, carried out in order to take advantage of its seeds, which have a huge number of positive properties for health.


Photo credits: Prensa Libre

It is a herbaceous plant, whose seed is used to accompany drinks, desserts, meals, salads, etc.

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Salvia hispanica: a treasure that not many know how to appreciate

The chia plant can reach up to 1 meter in height, it has small leaves that do not exceed 8 cm in length and 5 cm in width, that is why it is classified as a herbaceous plant. Its flowers grow in terminal clusters composed of colors between purple and white.


Photo credits: Ignacio Torres

When summer is about to end, instead of flowers, achene-type fruits take place. These fruits have a single seed, which is not attached to its shell (like sunflower fruits).

Well, as we will see later, it is in those seeds where the best of chia is located, since they are rich in carbohydrates, minerals, fatty acids, fiber and much more.

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Properties of the seeds

Much has been said about the properties of seeds and the benefits they can bring to our body, one of the most famous properties (and for what people consume it) is that they help improve metabolism, so they could help reduce those extra pounds, has therapeutic effects in pathologies, controls blood glucose, prevents cancer, among many other things.


Photo Credits: Guillermo Rodríguez

The composition of chia seeds is given by the following elements:

✅Essential unsaturated fatty acids, where we can highlight, among others, 60% omega 3 and 20% omega 6
✅Antioxidants such as caffeic, chlorogenic and cinnamic acid
✅Dietary fiber
✅Essential amino acids, as well as glutamic, arginine, leucine, serine, among others
✅Vitamins A, B and C
✅Mineral salts, especially calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, magnesium and copper

Another advantage is that the seeds are small and taste good, when they come into contact with water, they release gel that makes their consumption pleasant and is accompanied by desserts without losing their flavor or texture.


Photo credits: Ala Saharok

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10 benefits and more!

Previously we talked about some benefits of consuming these seeds, now we will go into more detail about it:


Photo credits: Susan Wilkinson

  1. Due to their content of omega 3 and fatty acids, they have anti-inflammatory, vasodilator and antithrombotic properties, and they also lower cholesterol. Effectively take care of cardiovascular health.

  2. The fiber provided, stimulates the intestinal movement, preventing constipation. In addition, its viscosity hydrates and lubricates the gastrointestinal tract for proper movement of stool.

  3. Helps to level blood glucose levels, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

  4. It has anti-inflammatory properties. That is, it minimizes pain in joints, muscles, ligaments, etc.

  5. The high level of protein and amino acids helps to regenerate tissue and increase muscle mass.

  6. These seeds are a source of energy that gives vitality to your body. So it is ideal to consume them in the morning to carry out all the activities of the day in a calm way, without exhausting yourself.

  7. They are hypocaloric, that is, they capture a large amount of liquids, which are then released naturally and easily. So it allows you to lose weight.

  8. They prevent premature aging and cellular deterioration, thanks to its antioxidant properties.

  9. They keep your body hydrated all the time

  10. Provides a feeling of satiety. Which is why you won't have cravings that can interfere with the daily functioning of your metabolism.

Although only 10 are mentioned here, the amount of benefits that chia seeds provide are many more. Eat chia seed!🌿

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That's good to know. However, I have the opposite problem. I need to gain at least 5 kilograms :-).

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grazie mille, bellissimo articolo, molto interessante, non conoscevo tutte le proprietà dei semi di chia!

thank you very much, beautiful article, very interesting, I did not know all the properties of chia seeds!