Amazing Nature Curation Report : Zoology - January #3

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I am pleased to share with you highlights of the curated posts in zoology each week.

Here are the posts that were curated last week and I kindly ask you to give your support to their amazing authors.

Thanks to @chocolatescorpi Bluey is a new star in the community. This lizzard has indeed blue tongue. Check the post and see yourself.

👉Meet Bluey, one of our very friendly garden dwellers👈

@papilloncharity again has something interesting to show - mating bees, wonderful shots and some facts about them.

👉Ever seen Carpenter bees mating?👈

Isn't it amazing to see a fox through your window and not one, but two. @grindle got this chance, have a look at his post.

👉Foxes in the garden. Wrexham. North Wales January 2021👈

@barski is leading us to the basics by showing how important and still amazing goats, cows and sheep are.

👉Amazing Nature - Back to basics👈

Speaking of goats you should not miss to see the post by @sharker and these wonderful animals in the mountains.

👉📷 Pakistani Goats👈

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Your posts are always wonderful. ☺

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Congrats to the authors of these Amazing Nature posts including a blue lizard, mating bees, cute foxes and goats

I am so amazes by these finds. What a big variety of creatures live around us.

Thank you so much @nelinoeva !

I also have an update about Bluey's neighbour too. He came home today, so I caught him/her/it, gave it a feed, took some photos, held it on my chest for a while patting it then took it back to it's home, so I will post that update tonight.

Lovely, I am looking forward to seeing more about Bluey, it is soooo cute. ☺