Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge -#3/3/21 EVALUATION (New long-term challenge)

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(Google translate from Czech)

Is three months long or short? Long enough to forget something :-)

Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community

But maybe it was a short time to process the results of your observations for a special OVER TIME challenge. Otherwise, I can't explain the lack of applications for the competition.

Since I had nothing to burden the voting jury, I will immediately introduce the winner (and the only participant).
She earned the main prize for her work in long-term nature observation


Snímek z 2021-03-23 20-00-04.png

I congratulate her and thank her for participating in the competition.

I also have a new task for you. Today I announce the beginning of another long-term challenge, the theme of which is


Nature is beautiful in all its manifestations. Sometimes she is calm and other times she can get angry. An innocent-looking cloud can be bursting, a light breeze can turn into a whirlwind. Lightning can suddenly strike the blue sky.

Your task will be:

  • take a photo or record a video with a natural expression of nature
  • add a description of the monitored element and what interested you

This call will again be valid for three months.
During this time, you will hopefully be able to capture the elemental manifestations of nature. Whether you are watching storms, stormbursts or storms and lightning, be careful in any case.


Do you like these thematic challenges? In that case, watch ANC trending every Monday so that you don't miss a new topic :-)
I remind you that you can still take part in the ongoing Thematic Challenges with the theme INTERESTING FINDING

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That’s one way to win a contest @bucipuci. :) Thanks for the prize.😊

Nice to see another exciting new contest. Are you going to give an example?

Who does not hide, has a chance to win :-)

There will be no example. Unfortunately, I don't have any of my photos for inspiration.

That’s quite alright. II was fortunate to find something interesting or at least I thought it was. :)


Maybe 3 months is too long and people forget about this challenge after a while, a shorter time frame like two weeks could help. Just my thoughts of course.

I enjoyed participating in this contest, I learned a lot by observing the nature that surrounds me and the changes it produces in it over time.

Here I leave my participation.