Amazing Nature Contest: Thematic Challenge -#2/1/21 - CLOSED

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(Google translate from Czech)

Today we will leave our energy places and go in search of a "connection" with Mother Earth :-).

Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community

Yes. It is time to launch another Thematic Challenge. The theme for next week is


Many phrases use the word 'roots’ to express man's imaginary relationship to the earth, to the community, to the place.

Plants are actually connected to the ground by their roots. They need them to draw nutrients, to ensure stability and (not exaggerated) to communicate with each other.

Your task for this challenge is to:

  • find interesting plant roots
  • take some documentary photos
  • describe the location of the find and how the roots found affected you
  • you can also add your consideration to the possibility of plant communication using roots :-)


For your inspiration, I enclose two photos from my archive



I wish you a pleasant experience in nature while fulfilling the tasks of this challenge.


Let me remind you that there is still an extraordinary Thematic Challenge - Over time.
Details can be found here and some details can be found here


If you are considering participating in this challenge, please read the following lines carefully.

Competition rules:

  • Publish your contribution IN AN AMAZING NATURAL COMMUNITY. You can also use TAG #amazingnature if you want
  • CLEARLY state that your entry is an ENTRY in this competition.
  • All images must be your own. You can use an amazing nature banner if you like or you can create your own.
  • In the TEXT Indicate why these pictures represent YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this competition.
  • Place a link to your post IN COMMENTARY. You can add an image if you want. It is NECESSARY because I have to publish a link in Discord on Sunday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compilation purposes.
  • The entry window is open ~ 5 DAYS. Pay attention to - CLOSED in the title. Pay attention to the time bar (PeakD)


  • Only competition entries that correspond to the assigned topic will be included in this competition
  • It is NOT possible to submit the main competition announced by the leader of the @adalger community and this thematic competition with one contribution. If this happens, such a contribution will not be included in the thematic competition.

Prizes to win:
1st: 3 HIVE
2nd: 2 HIVE
3rd: 1 HIVE

I will introduce all participants in the entry section of the announcements, which will be published about a week later on Tuesday (according to my schedule, this may change). This way you will have a nice compilation of all.

How are winners selected?
The entire DNA community will vote for the winners. That's why we created a special competition channel #challenge-entries in DNA Discord (Amazing Nature Contest). Here I will publish a post with the announcement including the winners (Announcement) EVERY MONDAY together with all your contributions (Contributions) EVERY SUNDAY. Each DNA member will be able to assign a "voting emoji" under the items for 24 HOURS. In the end, the lucky winners are three of them. In case of a draw, I will join as a judge.

Note: The above channels on the DNA discord are for voting only! Do not post links to your competition articles and photos here!

Clickable banner by @barbara-orenya

Amazing Nature Community regularly appreciates your articles and photos.
Therefore, pay attention

The Amazing Nature Community team is pleased with your interest in nature and welcomes all ORIGINAL articles and photos. At the same time, however, he points out that there is no place in the community for PLAGIATES.





Thanks for the link. Really interesting.
Welcome to the competition :-)


and thank you for your efforts in making this competition happen

It is my pleasure to "work" for ANC :-)


i am new here and was wondering can you explain what an upvote means, i just got a 5% upvote and have no idea what it is. also i have just achieved 100% vote power. i presume that means i can vote for other peoples posts but i do not know how to do it. please help

Upvote on Hive is the same as LIKE on Facebook.
However, on Hive, this means that you have received a certain number of HIVE coins for your article or comment. Seven days after the publication (expiration ") of the article (comments), these coins will be added to your wallet.
The incoming percentages show how much of the voter credited to your reward.
Voting for other articles is easy. Take a look at the pictures:

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ok got it. i just gave my first vote

Congratulations :-)

Thanks for the link. You have beautiful nature in the Carpathians :-)
Welcome to the competition :-)


Another interesting challenge @bucipuci.I think I can find some roots.:)

:-). I'm sure you know where your 'roots' are :-D


Family roots and hair roots😆


Hello dear friends @amazingnature @bucipuci good morning
What an interesting theme they have chosen for this week.
This is my post to accompany your kind invitation

Thank you for your link. Very informative article :-)
Welcome to the competition.


How are you dear friend @bucipuci there is nothing to be thankful for, it is a pleasure to accompany you in your contests, we are grateful because you give us this opportunity
have a splendid afternoon


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They taught me to thank you for everything :-) Therefore, thank you for your comment :-)
Have a nice day


Thanks for the link.
Your talk about tree roots is very interesting.
Welcome to the competition.


Found some roots.@bucipuci😀

My entry to the challenge:


Thanks for the link.
The "death" of one tree brings life to many others.
Welcome to the competition


Most welcome @bucipuci. :) Yes, the upturned dead tree will be useful to the wildlife.


Saludos comunidad! Por acá dejo mi entrada, muchas gracias.

Thanks for the link.
Informative storytelling and observation.
Welcome to the competition :-)


hi! intresting prompt, here is my entry

Thanks for the link.
Again great and informative. Welcome to the competition :-)


my pleasure. sadly I had to skip the 'Evaluation' week -- I really didnt understand the prompt word...
this is simple and nice, I am sure a lot of intresting entries will arrive. competition!

Translation from Google is not always apt :-)
So far, there are seven registered. If @olgavita catches up, there will be eight of you (?) :-)


well, seven is not seventeen ofc.... but more then 2-3 !



Dear @bucipuci, do I have half an hour to complete my post? Or am I late for this round of the contest?

You still have nine hours :-)


Thank you. Will post very soon 🌝

We will wait for your entry :-)


You've got it 😓, thank you for waiting


Thanks for the link.
Interesting ideas and photos.
Welcome to the competition :-)


Being late for competitions is becoming an alarming tradition of mine. But as they say in Russia, better late than never. And this post will not be for the competition, but in support of the competition. I hope not to miss the next topic.

my ...entry

Hi @bambuka !
This is the second time you have missed the competition theme. Damage.
I just posted a new topic. If you are interested, I hope you will not miss it this time :-)


We are trying our best @bucipuci :)




Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...