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Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community.

As I outlined in last week's challenge, I will be announcing a new weekly challenge on a regular basis every Wednesday.

Since today is Wednesday and the last call was focused on birds, you surely know that this call will be focused on botany.

The topic for the weekly call for the week until November 25, 2020 is


Yes. Just one tree.

As nature lovers and connoisseurs of your surroundings, you certainly have an overview of what trees grow around you.
Select only one tree that interests you for this challenge. Big, small, beautiful, old, rare. There are many possibilities.

Take photos of your chosen tree, try to find out as much information about the tree as possible and attach it to your photos.


I may have the advantage that interesting trees are protected in my homeland and even have their markings on maps, so many people can easily find and view them. For your inspiration, I chose photos of two trees



I photographed this tree in Jeseníky (northern Moravia).
It is a large-leaved linden (Tilia platyphyllos), which commonly grows in Central, Western and Southeastern Europe.

At the time of flowering, its pollen is an important food for bees. Dried linden blossom is used in folk medicine to prepare tea for colds.
In the days before the introduction of plastics, a bast of linden was used as a mesh. Wood is widely used for modeling and carving.

From an energy point of view, linden has a gentle to "sweet" energy. But I do not recommend sleeping under a linden tree. The "sweetness" brings hard dreams from which he wakes up badly :-)


This particular tree:

  • height 26 meters
  • the circumference of the trunk (130 cm above the ground) is 552 cm
  • estimated age is 160 years




I photographed this tree east of České Budějovice. This is a summer oak (Quercus robur). It occurs naturally in Europe, the Caucasus, some parts of Asia Minor and North Africa.

Its wood is very hard and strong and was often used in shipbuilding, to make sleepers for railways. Italian Venice is built on oak columns, wine and beer are best "matured" in oak barrels :-).

From an energy point of view, oak has as strong energy as a strong tree. It also has an "energy memory". "Can" recognize individuals. If you need to gain energy, choose an oak, approach it slowly and ask for help in your mind. First, touch the oak with your palms and let the energy flow for a while. When you visit the same tree again, first touch it with your palms and after a while you can lean on it. The tree remembers you and is able to give you only as much energy as you need. However, be careful in the spring months, when the tree is gaining sap and strength from the depths of the earth. In the winter months, let the tree sleep in peace. You can visit him, but try to avoid long contact.

memorable tree

This particular tree:

  • height 30 meters
  • the circumference of the trunk (130 cm above the ground) is 460 cm
  • estimated age is 200 to 300 years


Do you have a similarly interesting tree in your area? Let us know about it and provide others with interesting information :-)

How to participate in the weekly challenge?

  • write an article in the Amazing Nature community
  • Add the species name of the tree and the information you found to the photos
  • the phrase "Tree challenge" must appear in the title of the article

I wish you many great experiences in fulfilling this challenge :-).


Remember that this call will end on 11/25/2020


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A good topic is TREE CHALLENGE, I also have a photo of an oak tree...

I'm pleased with your interest :-)


Lovely photos of the linden and oak trees. Love the interesting story on the oak.

Thanks :-)
My daughter described the energetic experience with oak. She is very sensitive to this kind of energy.

She described it beautifully. The oak was sacred to the druids of old. They believed in the power of certain trees to help them. Druid comes from the Celtic word for oak ‘Duir’.



Thanks for your link. :-)


Thanks for the good Amazing Nature Community: TREE CHALLENGE contest



Thanks for the link. I will definitely see it :-)