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(Google translate from Czech)

Greetings to all fans of Amazing Nature Community

Through the rocks and fog, we got to another week's challenge and that was the birds. It's time to see how interested you were in this challenge :-)

Welcome to the evaluation of the third weekly challenge on the topic

The following Anazing Nature Community fans sent their photos and articles to the challenge:

he introduced us to the "loudmouth" jay :-). He took her photos in a park in the city of Pilsen. Why a "loudmouth"? The jay in the forest environment warns all other forest dwellers of danger with its scream :-)



as a former sailor, he fell in love with the seagulls he introduced to us in his post. At the same time, he also considered that seagulls (and many other birds) are abandoning their original way of getting food and being fed near human settlements.



he introduced us to one kind of "flying jewels." Yes, that's how I personally call hummingbirds :-)

Copperyheaded Emerald 2.jpg


she introduced us to a "snake bird". It is so called because when it swims just below the surface, its long neck and head with a long beak look like a floating snake :-)



he spent a lot of patience to introduce us to several species of birds that he managed to take pictures of during his walks



All five supporters received a curation upvote to thank them for participating in this weekly challenge.

I would like to thank @joanstewart once again for providing introductory photos to the BIRD Challenge

by @barbara-orenya

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Thank you for the award. I enjoyed attending.

Jsem rád, že jsi reagoval na výzvu jako první :-)


To mě těší ;)


I love seeing the diversity of different birds from different parts of the world. I was going to submit a bird post but I missed the deadline - perhaps next time.

I'm pleased with your interest. Entries for the Amazing Natur Community can be submitted independently of the weekend call :-). If your article and photos interest the relevant moderator, you have a chance to get up from ANC :-)


They all are looks great and they are feathered friend

Colorful as nature itself :-)


Yes exactly man, so lovely clicks !!