I spent some time in my own garden

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Hello nature lovers,

how are you? I hope you are well. I'm fine too. Because I am a nature lover myself. I love nature very much. I will discuss some of my small gardens in front of you today. I have planted some trees in the garden and I will talk to you about them. I hope you like it. In fact, I planted some fruit trees in front of my house. I am sharing these with you.

There was some space in front of my house where I planted a garden. I planted many kinds of trees here.In fact, trees don't just give us fruit, they give us oxygen to survive and give us shade, so I love nature so much, so I thought, what's the use of leaving the space empty? That's why I brought some fruit trees from the nursery and planted them there. I will tell you now what I planted.

This tree is called orange lemon or malt tree. This fruit is extremely tasty and tasty to eat. I love this fruit so much. This is why I bought this tree first and it was fruitful and we ate it. I will talk to you about the tree again later when it bears fruit again.
Then I planted lemon trees, litchi trees, pomegranate trees and various fruit trees. I like the trees, the natural environment very much. I try to spend time with nature. Whenever I have time I try to spend a lot of time in my garden and I take care of the garden in the morning and afternoon, watering the garden. I really like spending time here. My younger sister also helps me a lot. I will definitely try to share with you again later when the trees bear fruit.

Be well, be healthy and of course try to garden from the empty space in front of the house.

thank you all


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