Some Photos and Video Clips From Harrison Hot Springs Area

in Amazing Nature9 months ago

Visited the Harrison Hot Springs area on the trip we went on. Took a couple photos and video clips while there. It was a great place to be. We biked around Harrison, saw the ocean, the indigenous Sasquatch mural by the hot spring source, then went to a wetland not too far away.

It was a good break from Chilliwack where my friend is from and where I grew up. Now there are many homeless and people with addictions around town. Harrison is more of a tourist area so it was much cleaner. Almost wish I could go back and somehow help people struggling in Chilliwack. Definitely not enough community support for people there, though I saw the community garden was much improved since my last visit.

I was glad all we did was hike and bike around on this vacation. Got to clear my mind. I liked the Sasquatch mural allot. My travelling companion actually took a sip of the hot spring water 'cause that's what the Indigenous did because it's closest to The Source.

I don't think the above pic is that particular wetland but it is in the video clip. Visited a couple wet lands on the journey. Here is the clips I took from the area. I have some more clips and pics of other places I will put up soon on another post.

I also make music and currently working on producing some more! Would love for people to check it out.