Amazing nature contest, Purple Heather season in the Netherlands!

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This is amazing nature! I Love the colors nature can produce!

Its that time again that al the Dutch photographers wander around the heather fields! The most ar there early morning to get some morning dew! I prefer the sunset because its easier to see if its going to be a nice sunset. And sunrise is at 6 :30 so way to early for me :p

Do you have heather field near where you live?
Show me you purple pictures!





Manually curated by brumest from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you :)

Splendid images @haastrecht. There may be fields of purple heather in California, I was stationed at Vandenberg AFB outside Lompoc California in the mid 70's, the flat part of the valley was used almost exclusively to grow flowers, for the seeds to be packaged, shipped and sold around the world. You could go up a hillside to an overlook, and the valley looked like a multicolored quilt, and the SMELL everywhere was heavenly!
Love your post!

That would be an awesome view. And yes the smell, we have the in tulipe season :p
Thanks for the repost :D

A worthy post gets a reblog. Always.
I can still smell Lompoc now, remembering the flowers @haastrecht

I really love it when nature colors the sky like that - such gorgeous pictures :)

Yes me too :D Conditions were very nice that evening!

So much purple! ^^ .. you show again how well you can use time and the perfect lightning to create excellent landscape pictures ;) .. I already am in love with the landscape of the Netherlands but your pictures raise the urge in me for another short holiday trip there, hehe

thank you mate :D You are welcome here, contact me and i will show you around!

Can i tag along

Hehe, I remember that we all planned this already back in the days ^^ .. Unfortunately we never had the chance to meet altogether .. We should definitely organize a "meeting" once! @brittandjosie and @haastrecht

The date still stands and we can celebrate the win from @haastrecht

Did i win? :D Nice :D

Haha pre corona ;p and in the meanwhile i also moved to another city :d very busy times :p

Hello, @haastrecht
It seems out of a story that beautiful image.
One color prevails green and purple, but the combination of the change of colors of the sky is configured in different postcards.

Haha Thank you! The story of my life :p :D

Thats our small country in one single picture , great capture of the HEI

I love this season :D

Just breath taking photos.
The purple heather field is truly amazing!!
A first place well deserved.

Thank you so much :D And thanks for sharing my post :)

Oh man, those pix of the purple heather were awesome.
It's cool for me to see the Netherlands in such beauty!
Going to follow you, would love to see more of your country.

I will definitely post more purple pictures :D

Hello and good morning.
Looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful country.
Have a blessed day!!