Walking in the long grass. North Wales

in Amazing Naturelast month

So a summer’s walk mooching round an old hippy camp out in a forest of North Wales.

The Saturday afternoon nearly ended in disaster.

I was not looking at my path, oblivious to everything in my search for the hippies living off grid.

When I was just a footstep and a half away from plonking down on what I then saw and thought was a single coiled up snake enjoying the sun on its back.


I showed the snap to a few and I have since been told

A) the markings indicate the common European viper, the only venomous snake in the U.K.
B) there are actually two snakes intertwined
C) just focus on where you are walking and stop runner necking

it is seen as a sign of very bad manners to ask a lady to smile for the camera when she is in the throes of orgasm but not being one to follow conventional rules I couldn’t resist


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An excellent find although I'm glad you didn't step on them!

Agreed !!

Dazzling colours so glad you did not step on them, teaches on a lesson what where you walk always....


Good thing you didn't bump into them, it's a good lesson to look around


Oh, so beautiful creature but a scary one 😳. I would be more than scared being so close to it (them).

Nice shot.

Thanks, yes I didn’t hang about 😂

Hello @grindle!

What an encounter!

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Thank you

You are good at finding the wildlife around you! I am envious I have never spotted a snake in its natural habitat

It was totally by chance and quite alarming !