My Entry to @adalger's Amazing Nature Contest | A Beautiful And Amazing Flower 🌸

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Hello Hiver and Nature Lovers!!!

Have a Blessed Day for each of us!!!

This will be my newest entry to @adalger's contest about Amazing Nature. Thank you @adalger for this awesome community that shows how beautiful and amazing our nature and our mother earth is. Featured in this entry is this beautiful creation of God, a beautiful and amazing flower 🌸.


Today, I just visited my friend's house but as I was near to them I already saw some flowers and captured and look I found It very beautiful and amazing. What I really like the most is the color and design of its petals that will make it very beautiful and amazing. What a Amazing Nature that God created.

I really love to share some photo that tells how creative our God is through His creation. So, we must have to protect what God created.

Your Friend @godlovermel25




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To God be the Glory!!! 😇😇🙏


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