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RE: Amazing Nature Contest - August 2020 - #02 - CLOSED

in Amazing Nature4 months ago

Thank you very much for another entry from you @gertu ^^

As long as I have material to participate in your contest, I will come.
Thank you for your acceptance.

And congratulations!!. Although I do not know if you finished your studies but I know that you had something very important to complete weeks ago.

Hehe, glad to hear that ^^ .. and even if you run our of material you can write up a philosophically touched entry ;) .. I actually submitted my PhD Thesis, but unfortunately I will have to add some more experimental data and have some additional writing to do before I can submit it again in the next period. So I am still busy with it, but I am refreshed now after a short holiday ^^

How good!! It is a pleasure to read the two points that you explain to me.