African Daisies or Gazania: A Wonderful Assortment of Colours

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I live for my garden. I spend almost every morning walking in the garden and watering, pruning, trimming, etc., or just do what needs to be done. I love to see how amazing nature is and how it responds to the care we put into it. I normally follow the philosophy of: Leave the plants alone, just give water and compost. This has worked out great so far, except in the drought we had. But things are looking better, as per example the flowers of these lovely Gazania flowers! They are a local source of pride, but I know in places like Australia, they are apparently a weed.


For me, the amazing thing about these plants is the different colours they produce. I obviously do not know the source of all my plants, some have arrived in the garden via bird droppings, and some of them were gifts. I collect the seeds of the gazanias and spread them like dandelion seeds through the garden (the seeds look very similar to those of dandelions). Maybe it is different types, but I think the growing medium changes the colour as well.


These flowers, and other plants similar to them, apparently are good soil stabilizers. They also create their own mulch. The ground underneath them is so fertile and alive.


My garden is full of them and others. The others I refer to remains other in my mind because I do not know their names. But essentially they are excellent ground covers with other plants like vygies (also truly uniquely South Africa). See below some of the various colours of Gazania in my garden.


I took all of the pictures this morning after I gave the garden some water. It is truly amazing how nature just "gives" us these wonderful colours and flowers.


I have also not edited these images. I know it does not look like it, but if you google, you will see similar images. These flowers are also part of the famous Namakwland flowers if you have ever heard of them.


The flowers close at night, but in the early morning sun, they open again to showcase their beauty.


Sometimes it is a lottery as to which colours you get. These are only a handful of them. Some of them have not yet made flowers. The one I am most proud of, is struggling due to the heat and last years drought.


I thought they might be drought-tolerant, but they were not. They are quite thirsty plants. But for now, we have some water again and I have collected hundreds of seeds. I am just waiting for the first rains to arrive before I disperse the seeds.


I hope that I can share in about a years time again the magic of these flowers. The wonderful thing about the internet is that I can share these with you. I hope you enjoy them.


I really hope that you enjoy these beautiful flowers. They are always a delight when I walk in the garden in the morning. If you know these flowers, please do comment and tell me if you have seen them in your country. Stay safe!


hello dear friend @fermentedphil good day
I must start by saying that you have a really beautiful garden, congratulations on your dedication
I appreciate that you let us know its origins and all this information, the images are really very beautiful.
I take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful afternoon

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! I really appreciate it. Yes, hard work pays of, but all the credit to nature. I hope your week has been well.